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Viswema Baptist School celebrates parents day-cum-cultural fest

Er. Zale on his arrival at the Parents Day-Cum-Cultural Fest at Viswema Baptist School on September 8. (Morung Photo)


Our Correspondent

Kohima | September 8


Youth Resources & Sports Advisor Er Zale Neikha today graced the ‘Parents Day-cum-Cultural Fest’ of Viswema Baptist School, Viswema. Er Neikha in his address praised the noteworthy sacrifices of parents in the shaping and development of their children.


“Parents are next to God on earth,” he said and called upon students to obey and respect their parents.


Not undermining the sacrifices made, he earnestly appealed to the parents to ‘give ample time towards your children up-bringing and provide suitable environment for them to study’.


The advisor remarked ‘As Teachers, you are role models for your students and therefore, you ought to be smart, punctual, sincere in your duty and be a person of integrity’.


In order to mould and train the students for the future, space for co-curricular activities like sports, debate and extempore, singing competition ought to be fitted within the school curriculum, he said.


Calling on the stakeholders, he stressed that there should be mutual understanding between the teaching fraternity and the managing board in solving issues and problems.


He called upon the students to inculcate the habit of raising questions, in order to develop their learning skills.
He advised the students to work on their assignments, projects in smaller blocks.


The advisor also emphasized the use of mobile phones and gadgets should be tapped for garnering information and knowledge and not be misused. He challenged the students not to give up when faced with failures, rather work and strive harder to achieve the desired goal.


He quoted as the saying goes, ‘If you can’t fly, then run. If you can’t run, then walk. If you can’t walk, then crawl’.


He hailed the visionary church leaders who initiated the start of Viswema Baptist School. He remarked, ‘Viswema Baptist Church is doing a great service to God and humanity through its mission of moulding the young minds in the education process and also imparting and teaching the morals of a Christian’.


The programme was marked by folk song, folk dance, traditional skit, fancy dress, poem recitation, beat box etc.