Rovi Chasie
Kohima, Nagaland

One sunny afternoon I made my way to the bazaar accompanied by my old faithful: my basket. We have both seen better days.


I wanted to purchase some fresh local organic vegetables, the pick of the crop: nothing less for my family, I thought.


As I began looking around, I noticed an old unfamiliar face.


I live close to the market area and so I am able to recognize almost all the local women vegetable vendors, some of them have very sharp business acumen.


In contrast, this stranger looked unsure and uncomfortable. I made a quick assessment of her wares on display, it amounted to around Rs.300/- only. Her vegetables, like her, also appeared wrinkled and wilted. To add to her woes, her neighbour’s vibrant greens made hers look dismal.


“My goodness”, I thought, “a few more hours and her vegetables would have to go to the dustbin”.


That day, somehow, I could discern a certain disquieting despair in the old woman’s demeanor and so I promptly opted to buy hers .The woman sitting next to her taunted at my choice. A familiar face also came along and remarked, “You can cook well but you seem to be hopeless in choosing vegetables”. I was taken aback but let it pass by responding with my nervous laughter “He-he” the, sort of, fill in the blank noise I make when I have no words to express myself.


So, dinner consisted of the wilted vegetables tainted with scorn. But at the first mouthful, I experienced a surging sense of satisfaction: an uplifting spiritual moment. And by the end of the meal, I felt absolutely nourished Body, Mind and Soul because I just consumed Vitamin-G. G for GRACE.