Voice of the people

Voice of the people

Should food habits be an individual choice or should it be controlled by the government?


I don’t think it is necessary for the government to interfere in food habits or rather to control or ban an individual’s food choice. But we must respect our own food habits and choices… and also love and respect each other’s choices. I believe it defines ourselves of ‘who we are,’ through our food choices… Because our food habits are mostly traced from our own culture and traditions and I think it is our duty to respect each other’s unique entity.

Achele Therie
Baptist College Kohima.

Majority will say that an individual has every right to eat whatever he wishes and that no other person should decide what he should and shouldn’t eat. They have a point there. However, in my opinion the government should set up some laws in order to prevent over exploitation of our flora and fauna which in our case prevails considerably. As Nagas we have developed all sorts of food habits imaginable, in the mean time with advancement of technology we also adopted using precise and lethal guns and traps to kill wild animal big or small. Thus, exhausting the fauna of the region or worse sending them to extinction, resulting in the offset of the God given ecosystem. Therefore the Government should implement laws like ban on hunting or fishing during mating seasons and more importantly, strictly maintain the ban while also educating the masses on such issues.

Thejasetuo Sote
Kuda Village, Dimapur
B.Arch student

For certain items rule of law has to be enforced as in the case of killing, hunting and consumption of wild animals which is illegal and forbidden by law. The common people need to be made aware of the harms as it results in the depletion of natural resource and disturbs the ecosystem. The recent highlight of the State Government mulling over a ban on slaughter and consumption of dog meat has aroused wide range of views from the people. It is imperative that the Government take decisions in a tactful way and not hastily. If at all it infringes on the rule of law and for the wellbeing of its citizens then better it be enforced. The Government has the obligation to guide it’s Citizen’s and the people too should follow suit. So, in some cases regulations on food items might be required if the need arise, if not the choice is up to the individual’s preference.

Lijamo N Jami
Via e-mail


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