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Voters, candidates equally responsible for costly elections: Shürhozelie Liezietsu

Our Correspondent
Kohima | January 23


NPF President Dr. Shürhozelie Liezietsü today announced that the NPF is now gearing up for its preparations for the ensuing state general elections scheduled for February 27.


“We are now gearing up our preparations for the ensuing election,” Dr. Shürhozelie told the emergency meeting of Central Executive Council (CEC) of NPF here today.


He said this CEC emergency meeting was convened to discuss few important points that became urgent in view of the election schedule announced by the Election Commission of India.


Stating that the ‘high command’ of NPF is in the grass root level, he said “Therefore, selection of candidate is normally initiated by the party leaders in the A/C and divisional levels.”


Our decision is to give first preference to our sitting members. But if any sitting members cannot perform well, we are not obliged to issue party ticket, he said.


Noting that election has become a costly affair, he said “People blame the candidates for using money. But I will equally blame the people who compel their candidates to spend.”


He also challenged the party men and women to keep in mind that “clean election is necessary for the spiritual value of the Christian life but at the same time, it suites our situation as well.”


He also told the meeting that NPF is the only genuine regional party which represents the identity and the personality of the Naga people.


“We will not speak ill of other political parties. We will only present our plans and programmes before the people to decide what is best for them. God willing, this party will form the next government with new vision, new image and new future. Together we can make it,” he said.