Wake up Nagas!

Wake up Nagas!

Hukai H Zhimo: The selection of 5 (five) non-indigenous candidates (as per RTI disclosure of the directorate of school education, Nagaland) for the post of Graduate Teacher (maths) in the recently conducted Graduate Teachers (maths & science) exam 2017-18 is a real hard slap on the face of thousands of educated unemployed Naga youth. The question of their selection would not have arisen had there been lack of qualified indigenous candidates. But that was not the case to be. In fact, there were many indigenous candidates with requisite qualification who were not selected.


So, the big question here is, why select general candidates and deprive ‘our own us’ for others?? Is there a possible conflict of interest here, in this decision?? Do they have any logical and rational explanation for taking such a decision that is very anti to educated unemployed Naga youth?? Is it that they doubt the delivery of/don’t have faith on our qualified unemployed Naga youth?? Can we expect the other state governments to extend the same courtesy to our educated unemployed Naga youths?? Do they think that our educated unemployed youth will get the opportunity of employment under other state government?? Or are these people trying to solve the unemployment problem for the whole country by opening up the jobs vacancies under state government to all citizens of the India?? Perhaps they wanted to be the trendsetter by conducting the “ALL INDIA LEVEL EXAM”, for recruitment of graduate teacher (maths & Science) under the Directorate of School Education, government of Nagaland. Wow!!! Those responsible for this policy/decision deserve to be pelted with “ROTTEN EGGS AND TOMATOES” wherever we come across them. Why this “SUPER SUPPANDI IDEA” when there are thousands of educated unemployed Naga youths. Either the people responsible for this decision are dead from the neck up or are under delusions about their invincibility to do “anyevery” wrong that serves their own selfish ends, and that nobody will question them?? I say, you are to bring in policies/decisions, provide service, and work for the welfare and interest of the people of the state and not against it. This policy is a perfect “GOLD STANDARD” for perfidy. It very much is a treachery to the unemployed youth of the state, but don’t forget that treachery is a spear pointed at both ends: they wound those who resort to them worse than their enemies.


We have lots of non indigenous grade III & IV employees under our state government, who were appointed and preferred over the indigenous people by those “COLONIAL ERA MINDSET” POLITICAL LEADER/S AND BUREAUCRAT/S. All these posts would have been with our own Naga people had those people used their official position and authority wisely and been far-sighted. But sadly, their insatiable crave for money and ego gave opportunity to non indigenous people to exploit and helped them to find a job under the state government. I say, even to this day, there are multitudes of ‘likethose’ selfish despicable numbskulls with colonial mindset in our society, who, besides money, if you could take care of their ego; your works gets done easily.


When thousands of educated unemployed Naga youths are running from pillar to post in search of employment, here we have a bunch of officials rubbing salts into the wounds of our educated unemployed by selection of these non-indigenous candidates for the state government jobs. I say, no amount of justification with regard to this selection can mask the policy of these officials that is anti to educated unemployed Naga youth. This decision/policy could not have been taken with the noble intent and in the interest of the people of our state. This selection of non indigenous candidates will definitely set a bad precedence and could be used as case reference for all future selections and appointments in other departments as well.


This is too big an issue to be ignored and overlooked as it concerns our educated unemployed youth. We just cannot be blinded to the fact that there are more than a lakh+ educated unemployed youth in our state. And so, I say any political leader/s, bureaucrat/s, officer/s involved or responsible for bringing about this imprudent, unconsidered, unwise and thoughtless policy/decision doesn’t merit to be called an officer under the state government and very perfectly fits the definition of anti-Naga. These anti-Naga political leader/s, bureaucrat/s, irrespective of any clan/tribe/village/district should be singled out, exposed, named and shamed for theirs this idiotic decision. The word anti-Naga is too well-behaved and considerate a word to describe them for theirs, this decision/policy. We already had enough; the time to check and stop these people from having free hand is now. You let them off today; they’ll eat into and take your children’s “future tomorrow”.


Kudos to Eastern Naga Students Union, they kept to their demands of separate allocation of vacancies and fought genuinely for the cause of their educated unemployed and got what they fought for. I hope “many alike NGOs and student bodies” of the “FORWARD TRIBE” will walk the talk and fight the fight with all sincerity, to undo the selection of “NON NAGAS”, to the post of Graduate Teacher (maths & science). Otherwise, this selection will be the beginning of the end for job vacancies (NPSC or Departmental) under state government, to indigenous people alone.


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