Watsü mungdang to organize ‘Aowli Benjongmong’

Watsü mungdang to organize ‘Aowli Benjongmong’
Office bearers of Watsü Mungdang along with core committee members of Aowli Benjongmong after a press conference at Watsü office, Mokokchung on November 22. (Morung Photo)


Morung Express News

Mokokchung | November 22

Watsü Mungdang, the apex Ao women organization, is set to organize one of a kind sustainable festival “Aowli Benjongmong” from December 6-8.


Briefing about the event during a press conference held here at Watsü office on November 22, Anungla Aier, Convenor, Aowli Benjongmong said that the festival has been organized to facilitate and promote sustainable participatory livelihood and to preserve, promote and disseminate the traditional art and crafts of the Ao tribe.


The concept was launched on December 12, 2017 and since its conception, the Watsü Mungdang has been actively working towards sustainable participatory livelihood by promoting local products under the label ‘Aowli’.


The three-day event will be held at Imkongmeren Sports Complex and feature more than 50 stalls where local products, home based products, handicrafts and food items will be show-cased.


The festival will also have farmers from different villages selling locally grown and organic products throughout the event.


The organiser also informed that as a step towards preserving, promoting and disseminating traditional art, craft and games, the festival will also feature different indigenous games competition among the 18 different wards of Mokokchung Town.


There will also be carol singing competition and Christmas tree decoration competition between the 18 wards. Live shows of artists, bonfire and barbeque are also in the offing.


Another interesting feature of the festival will be the live demonstration and trial of weaving, yarn making and spinning, pottery, basketry and other handiworks.


The Watsü Mungdang has declared the Aowli Benjongmong as a plastic free festival and expressed hope that the festival will inculcate a sense of cleanliness and environment concern among the citizens of Mokokchung.


The festival will be an annual event of the Watsü Mungdang and will focus on creating marketing channels and platforms for local producers and also to promote local products nationally and internationally.