WC-NNPGs voice distaste over Muivah’s accusation of being parallel forces of GoI

DIMAPUR, FEBRUARY 22 (MExN): The Working Committee (WC) of the Naga National Political Groups (NNPGs) has censured the NSCN (IM) general secretary Th Muivah for accusing them of being a “parallel force propped up by the Government of India (GoI) against him” during a recent televised interview.

Media Cell, WC-NNPGs in press statement on Friday said the recent interview of Muivah to a private channel should have been an opportunity to “appreciate fellow Nagas and reveal the up-to date, practical and panoramic view of a political solution that was on the anvil if there was one.”

It however expressed distaste that instead; Naga history and integration issue became the oft repeated topic for Muivah who ended up accusing the NNPGs of being a parallel force propped up by GoI against him.

Stating that at this juncture any self respecting leader would avoid uttering “such nonsensical idea,” the WC maintained that it is negotiating with the GoI with the consent and approval of Naga tribal hohos and civil societies and termed as “bizarre and shocking to know that the narrative of Muivah has not changed in two decades of negotiations.”

While claiming that it had, in three years, met all tribal hohos, GBs and civil societies, began political negotiations with the GoI based on the agreed position signed on 17th November, 2017, the WC said “Any Naga with a sane mind, whether a leader or a follower, irrespective of political inclination, would understand that this is a historic document reinforcing the spirit of 1951 Naga plebiscite, relevant today as it would in hundred years.”

It asserted that it has consulted wide sections of Naga society; the politicians, bureaucrats, the tribal leaders, intellectuals, student leaders, former Naga freedom fighters, constitutional legal experts etc. and has had more than fifty rounds of intensive political dialogue with the GoI in nearly two years.

The WC termed this as commitment where both entities have understood each other’s position and has touched all aspects of the Indo-Naga conflict and worked on the redressal for enduring peaceful co-existence as two entities.

The Naga political process is leading to a logical conclusion between the NNPGs and GoI and no one should try to fool and mislead the Naga people anymore, it therefore stated.