Weather based integrated agro advisory for the month of August


Crop Advisories

  • Timely weeding and hoeing in the standing crops and vegetables should be done to protect them from weeds keeping in mind their rapid growth in the rainy season. Proper drainage should be done in all pulses, vegetables and other crops
  • Bees are important source for pollination in vegetable crops therefore, bee keeping should be promoted. Constant monitoring of the crops should be done for insect and disease. Farmers should take advice from the nearest KVKs and Agri. department for use of insecticides and other information regarding the crops.
  • Farmers who want to establish new orchard gardens (Mango, citrus and guava) are advised for transplanting of plants from recognized sources
·         Transplanting of kharif rice should be done with appropriate crop management practices
·         Water logging situation due to continuous and prolonged rain is harmful for crops. Farmers are advised to make necessary arrangement of drainage in their field.
·         In transplanted rice field, weeding should be started within 2–3 weeks after establishment and the second in another 2–3 weeks as weeds cause most yield loss within the first 20–50 days after crop establishment.

Weeding should be done before fertilizer application. Identify the weed correctly before using herbicides, and use the appropriate herbicide as recommended on the label. Spray when the weeds are small

Livestock Advisories

Flood affected areas generally experience out-break of human and animal diseases. Vaccination of animals should be done against out-break of major diseases


·         Feed during early morning and late afternoon hours to prevent build up of heat

·         Feed balanced ration with adequate vitamins and minerals

·         Follow regular deworming and vaccination schedule as per the diseases prevalent in the region


·         Occurrence of most of the diseases can be prevented by following strict hygienic measure and by timely vaccination of pigs. A separate house should be there to keep the animals suffering from contagious diseases.

·         Monsoon weather could lead to gastrointestinal parasites infection. It is advised to maintain good sanitary conditions of pig sheds.

  • Vaccinate all newly born piglets against swine fever at the age of 3 months followed by annual booster dose.

·         Avoid excessive manuring and feeding which can lead to oxygen depletion in cloudy weather


Agro Met Field Unit

ICAR, Jharnapani. Medziphema