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What is the Hornbill Festival according to you?

Vikeduo Linyü: What is Hornbill festival according to you? Is it really helping the youths of Nagaland to learn about culture? Is it really a celebration of our culture or muddu culture?

T Senti Aier: To me this year's Hornbill festival had and has been all about TNB lounge and meeting up so many TNB members. Really had and amazing time with so many wonderful people. Looking ahead for more and cheers to all the TNB(The Naga Blog) members:-)

Jeh Wotsa: The HB festival is a common festival for the tribes of our state & a plateform to showcase & celebrate our rich cultures and traditions. I'm afraid its not. Its not wrong to have fun but at the same care,to care to know our cultures too.At Kisama there are numbers of Morungs,except the tourist,less people cared to ask any info. I would like to encourage people to visit the morungs not just for the CLICKS alone,wood curvings,customs,foods,rituals etc etc can be enquired. Muddu? Hehehe CHEERS!
Lawrence Sbclm: if we are not careful, Hornbill will lose its real meaning and purpose with the invasion of so called "modern extravaganza" which has nothing to do with promotion of Naga culture and tradition. The purpose/event structure of the Hornbill festival has to be reviewed from time to time. Hornbill is an event/platform where our tradition and culture can be preserved/somewhat documented where the young can learn and the old can reminisce/refresh. Let us keep our Hornbill festival to its purpose and unspoiled beauty.

Kenei Kuotsu: I see Hornbill festival as a fantastic opportunity for entrepreneurs:) Seriously, how many times do one need to attend Hornbill Festival to learn about ones culture or even to get wasted? I'm glad some are taking advantage of this festival by releasing their books, music CDs, running hotels, providing on-call taxi service etc. and these people to me are truly the smart ones. Hornbill festival is about creating avenues and while some have found opportunities, more can (and should) join. Preserve the cultural aspect, minimize/leave the muddu culture, love the festival and own it:) (I sound like an opportunist but there you go my two cents:)

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