What if dying was an option?

Thoziisie Nyuwi

Have you ever thought? If To die or to live was an option which one would you choose?. Well not to be amaze but I believe almost every people will choose to live rather than to die, after all who wants to die? But have you ever thought if there was no dying where will all the people fit. Funny right?


If there was no death I believe this world will be a place full of immortality. Full of darkness, and unholiness. People would live their lives to the fullest knowing that they are going to face tomorrow. Fear would be nothing but just another normal word to them. People will roam about like a mad person driven mad by alcohol, no respect for one another, and love would be just another story to be talked and dreamed by some people.


Unending Corruption, hatred, jealousy, immoralities, anger, no respect for each other will be an order of the day.


Do you see Nagaland in this situation as you read? I believe our state is also in this situation. Stucked and so much into the worldly things. We don’t care for anyone but ourselves and only worry about how much money I should gather everyday, corruption has become the order of the day, students, leaders, big shots everyone has already got the virus called the super ego which is eating up our society, our leaders we call who keeps on living a life of immoralities leading our people how beautiful! Jealousy has filled our eyes , self-respect we have lost and everything that is considered bad and not good I believe exist everywhere here in Nagaland.


This is what is happening in Nagaland. People are just so carried away by the worldly pleasures. I believe they have the same thought that they will never die. Or does they think that they are in their dreamland. In dreams we do things beyond our imaginations and that’s what is happening exactly in our society, where we see things beyond our imaginations, things we don’t expect. How much we have fantasies this once called beautiful Nagaland with fullness of honesty, sincerity,respect, and punctuality and everything that was considered respectful, loving and caring.


How I wish for people who are in this dream to wake up and see the reality where our roads have reached to the point, fit for off road rallies, ironically luxury houses and cars but outside their houses lies ponds made out of their greedy nature. Lets wake up to reality and tell ourselves that we are going to die and live accordingly and pull up our fallen Nagaland.