What’s in a Headgear?

Visazo Chase
Assistant Professor
Department of History, Patkai Christian College

What’s the problem in a headgear being hilarious and being outlandish? Truly, Shahshi Tharoor’s statement is correct but Modi also has his right to wear any headgear he chooses. Nobody can dictate what a man or a woman should wear or should not wear so long as it is decent. It doesn’t matter what Modi wears or does not wear. However, the point that I want to put forward is that Tharoor’s remarks seems to be out rightly correct for the most outlandish and hilarious reasons.


Firstly, it must be pointed out that the Naga territories are under India’s military occupation. In short India is an aggressor and thus the Nagas are defending their territory and independence. Secondly, India is trying to legitimize her occupation by setting up a virtually nonexistent Indian state established illegally and by coercion. Thirdly, because of these reasons the Nagas have an Indian state government which cannot perform anything at all: it is impotent or rather was invented to be that way. Thus the so called Indian political parties in Nagaland making a hullabaloo about Tharoor’s remark is more outlandish and hilarious than Modi being outlandish and hilarious.


Of course, I do agree with Tharoor’s remark of Modi being outlandish and hilarious. In fact, I would even call it outrageous for the fact that we should have never placed that headgear on Modi’s head, not because of his lack of hair but for the very reason that it is an insult to the very essence of Nagas being a nation state and more so because India fails to realise that and continues to occupy Naga territory. When our territories are still forcefully occupied and aggressed upon by another nation; why should the prime minister of that aggressing nation have the honour of wearing the headgear of the Naga warrior who has for centuries protected his territory down to the last inch? The Nagas need to learn more about their roots of being a Naga than to keep parroting their Indian neighbours by participating in so called dharnas or protests and demonstrations. However, if we are to protest, we should be protesting against those people who placed the headgear on Modi’s head and Modi for accepting to wear it.


We should be thanking Tharoor for his remarks because it gives new insights, at least for the Indians, on the relationship between India and Nagaland. When Tharoor remarks that Modi looks outlandish and hilarious it correctly, obviously and outrightly gives the impression that Modi looks totally un-Indian. This is true, he neither looks Indian nor looks Naga and what could be more outlandish and hilarious than this? This fact and more makes us, Nagas and Indians, different from one another. It would be more prudent, wise, and civil for Modi not to refuse to wear the muslim topi or taqiyah as it would make his diplomatic relations with Pakistan better and he would also look astonishingly Pakistani while still looking Indian. Moreover, what’s wrong in wearing a muslim taqiyah when Hinduism is polytheistic and Allah can well be a deity or god within the very religion you profess and follow besides, many Indians are also Muslim.


In conclusion, I would humbly request Indian leaders to wear their own headgears and promote their culture amongst themselves for India is diverse and this diversity is not fully exposed or known by Indians themselves yet. As for the Nagas, respect your culture and stop putting your headgears, or for that matter any cultural items, on every person you think is important. You could be gifting or placing a dao into the hands of a person who intends to finish you off. We should stop ridiculing ourselves and our neighbouring country viz. India. NAGAS! PUT YOUR OWN HEADGEAR AND STAND YE UP LIKE A MAN, GIVE NOT AWAY WHAT IS RIGHTFULLY YOURS. Last but not the least, live what you preach.