When thanks giving service become an abomination to God

Long ago before the Jews settled in the land ‘that is flowing with Milk and Honey’, God disapproved the practice of Human Sacrifice as a show of faith in Him. It is probable in those days, whenever any person direly needed some superhuman help from God; he would sacrifice other human Being in propitiation to the Deity. Some native civilizations of South America sacrificed human beings gorily but first by stupefying him consume intoxicating food or drink before he or she was done up.
Even today in India’s religious hierarchies, we hear of Tantric god-man often advising people in dire consequences that their wishes would be fulfilled if they sacrifice a Boy or even their own Child. Among Nagas there were rare instances of very rich man in dire consequences of life trying to sacrifice Slaves in their belief it would end their recurrent misfortunes.
Among some Palestinian people of yore, human sacrifice was practiced, it was practiced in the days even after King David of the Jews. However, for the Jews, during their formative days as a People, the God Most High unforgettably show  Abraham, the Patriarch of the Jewish People that human Sacrifice is unacceptable to God. Abraham was proceeding to sacrifice his only son Isaac to indicate his absolute faith in the God Most High but at the last moment miraculously a Ram was found abandoned in the nearby jungle and Abraham used it for his sacrifice to God in place of his son Isaac.
There is a tendency in Man to ignorantly suppose God would approve what he liked to do however, the ways of God are higher than our ways and often things we accept as correct may be abhorrent to God. When Peter expressed his intension of preventing the death of Jesus, he was tersely rebuked by his Master as of Satan and not to stand in the Way of God.
In the Naga Society today we often come across behaviors considered improper and indecent even amongst us. These vain glorious behaviors may be in the way attractive girls vulgarly dress in places of worship or on solemn religious occasions. It appears people sometime do Show-Business in the garb Songs of Praise & Worship programs inside places of worship. The presentations are often highly trained and sweet to the ear, they attract our intellectual admiration for the sophistication but they are in foreign language and unintelligible to the Worshipers.  They may be highly trained musical presentations but appears devoid of devotional value and the whole affairs appear more like a musical show than a devotional worship service.
Recently a very cute young girl came in for a solemn religious occasion in a western cut and cult Dress revealing bare back, bare shoulder and in embarrassingly indecent, if vulgarly costly attire for Nagas. It reminded of beautiful but vain glorious Actresses in similar condition constantly pulling their dress up their chest during Annual Gala Film Festivals in Las Vegas or Hollywood. Vainglorious and vulgarly costly Dresses inside places of Worship are an affront to the House of God and to the God Most High supposed to be worshipping.
If Schools have the right to prescribe School Uniforms, if there is any propriety in Paul’s advice for simple dress for woman attending religious occasions, surely the Church in Nagaland today has a moral responsibility to propagate Solemn Dress in religious Church gatherings and in the Church Services. It is pure vanity if a Christian does not have the personal good Sense to distinguish decent from indecent Dress for solemn religious occasions. Lack of this fine Sense indicates the stupidity of the person’s Faith.