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When will Dimapur DC’s office move to HQ, questions CGBU

DIMAPUR, AUGUST 13 (MExN): The Chakhroma GBs Union (CGBU) today expressed irritation at the government’s failure to shift the Deputy Commissioner’s office to its Head Quarters despite several requests.  

“Several pleas were made to the government, keeping in mind the welfare and convenience of the public, to shift the office of the Deputy Commissioner, Dimapur to its Head Quarter from the present temporary camp at ADC office building, but all our requests and prayers had fallen on deaf ears,” a press release from the CGBU President, Thepfukedo Kuotsu and General Secretary, Atso Gwizan said.

It reminded that the when the Kohima district was bifurcated and the new Dimapur district was created in 1997, “the Angami people had opposed the decision as the Angamis who are also the first traditional settlers of Chakhroma area do not want to be divided.” 

“But as it was felt necessary by the government that a new district had to be created for administrative convenience, it was agreed after a series of negotiations to have a separate district for Dimapur with its head quarter at Chumukedima,” the CGBU said. 

Accordingly all arrangements including the office building were made, spending thousands of crores of rupees, it added.

However, the union lamented that even after a lapse of more than two decades, successive governments have failed to shift the office of the district administrative head from the present temporary camp, resulting in decaying and dilapidation of the HQ, “besides causing untold hardship to the public.” 

“It is observed that many departments under DC’s establishment still continue to function in rented buildings incurring huge expenses on house rent. It is highly objectionable and unjustifiable that after spending huge amount to prepare a building with all modern facilities, the government offices should function from rented buildings while allowing its own building to lie in ruins,” the CGBU said. 

The CGBU demanded that the state government inform whether the office of the Deputy Commissioner, Dimapur would continue to function from its temporary camp or from its Head Quarter. 

“The Government should declare its stand on this matter to the public before the end of the month of August 2019, failing which any situations arising thereafter should be totally owned by the government,” the CGBU cautioned.

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