Whitecross to perform today in Dimapur

Whitecross to perform today in Dimapur

The American Christian Metal band, Whitecross addressing a press conference held in Dimapur on April 15.

American Christian Metal band, Whitecross would be performing today at DDSC Stadium from 5 pm onwards.

Addressing a press conference on Monday at Sky Garden in Dimapur, Whitecross members admitted that they were anxious about coming to India but were in for a treat listening to the musicians as they had an ‘amazing trip’. The band members include bassist Benny Ramos, drummer Michael Feighan, vocalist Peter Stenlund and guitarist Rex.

Stenlund said the experience made them a better band while Ramos remarked the music as ‘infectious’. The band said it was excited to experience Naga musicians and to get to know the people. This will be their first appearance in India.

On their plans of releasing new materials, Rex said the band had not discussed on establishing new music but was continuing to study music from each other. “We are excited as any of you guys to find music,” Rex said.

“Never give up on your craft and keep practicing while pursuing your dream given by God and perfecting your craft,” the guitarist said. The band was optimistic that rock music would stay and not go silent as people enjoy the music.

“Whatever people think of you is not your business, it is for them. Your path is unique and stay committed with your vision,” vocalist Stenlund said.
Tickets for the concert would be available at the venue.
(Moung Express News)