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Who is the hypocrite?

The Naga Blog is a forum on facebook where Nagas from Nagaland and around the world network, share ideas and discuss a wide range of topics from politics and philosophy to music and current events in Nagaland and beyond. The blog is not owned by any individual, nor is it affiliated to or associated with any political party or religion. The only movement it hopes to stir is the one raised by the voices of the Nagas every step of the way, amassing perhaps to mass consciousness one day.

Robert N. Solo: The reasons why I feel Nagaland is behind our neighbouring states, persons like Khekiye Sema and Thepfulhouvi Solo are considered as Indian agents when they speak the truth. When Sir Khekiye tells, 'It is wrong to tax the people so much' the undergrounds say, he is the enemy of the Naga Nation. The underground factions use non-Nagas to extort money from us. They have sent Miyas to loot and rape our dear sisters and teach us freedom in the media. The Holy Bible is never preached to proclaim God's kingdom but it is also used to defend their wrong doings. Once our public leaders such as NGO are elected then they become a big contractors and most of the time they will be looking for an opportunity to meet and please the ministers. Most of the public leaders visit CM's residence to get his favour as a result, they would never open their mouth against our corrupt leaders.

Mahriili Osah: If we blame this way, Nagaland to be continued behind other neighbouring states. Take Manipur, the taxation issue is more acute. There are more than 15 UG’s in Manipur and so there are multiple taxes. Assam also has its own UG’s related problem. The reason why state like Manipur is growing fast is due to high dedication put into education. We may know how they really work. They are also quite industrious and mind occupied always with business.. You must have seen especially the Meities in odd places doing their normal business. Let the Nagas work hard in all professions, build a mind like Meities, Marwaris, and then things will turn around like many nations.  Anyway, being behind other states is also highly contestable if we take from various parameters sans the govt/public own infrastructures.
Having said that I do not meant there can be UGs in Nagaland. They have to be banished from the land for being disobedience to the call of the public(FNR, NH & others) to come together as one and negotiate for permanent peace.

Thungbemo Murry: There is no end to money chasing unless one finds a way to make money chase us. Not only our CM but a lot of our people go out just to chase after money. Know what, I adore any professional or an expert in certain trade and fields going out of Nagaland chasing after job, but chasing money at the expense of our integrity, family and our dear fellow naga citizens. Anyway, it is high time we should be speaking the truth with boldness uplifting ourselves in truth and in spirit. I'm happy that we Nagas have started coming out for TRUTH. Thank God.

Hotokhu Chishi: As far as Nagas stand for self rule and issues on complete ownership of land and its resources are concerned, we must stand together with NPGs with one stern message: either unite or abandon the existing tread. I don’t forsee anything good for Nagas under the present style. NPG’s must remember that if there is only one reason for the sustenance of Naga issue for more than 60 years, it is the generosity of the Nagas. No underground groups ever wish to recognise this reality and continue to deny this powerful backing. Truth is always bitter but it shall stand till the end. Don’t use Nagas’ money to hide from factional tamashas. We don’t pay you for this. It is time for you to limit you needs.

S Minsang Kaibah Konyak: Infact they(UG’s) are the Indian agents, dying for Indian election and Indian rupee. Just hopeless.

You Know You're In Nagaland When?

Kelhou E Chielie: You Know You're In Nagaland When:
1.     Every graduate should appear NPSC atleast once.
2.     If you get first class in the matriculation, you have to take up science stream.
3.     Any above average height should try in police job.
4.     Modeling always depicts a loose character.
5.     Obesity means you’re in good health.
6.     Wild animals are good for any kinds of sicknesses.
7.     You cannot participate in any sport or go for long journey without having chicken/port the night before.
8.     Special dinner/wedding/birthdays, etc. means pork.
9.     If you’re a government servant and not corrupt, you are a chicken heart.
10. If a child became a government servant and did a church wedding, the dad has fulfilled his duties. If not, the mom is irresponsible.
11. Non-government servants are failures.
12. If you don’t touch alcohol, tamul, kaka sada or any other tobacco products, you will go to heaven for sure.
(Courtesy Nokho Nyekha)
Sem Wall: In Nagaland if you are suffering from some brain disorder or something like that, guess what??? THE DEVIL CAUGHT U!! Hehe
Allem Mer: After graduation off to Delhi is a MUST for coaching!
Kilang V Naga: And when you find at least 5-6 presidents in every village. No wonder it is a land of organization with no progress.
Jonah Achumi: What the chief guest speaks is never important but how much amount he donates is always the most important.

Day Light Robbery
by Assam Police

Butesen Ozukum: Friends let’s try to do something about the Assam Police robbing people from other parts of North-East in the trains every day. Just this morning a friend of mine from the south and his Naga wife were demanded an amount of Rs. 2000 just because they could not produce their marriage certificate. Who will carry even their marriage certificates even for train journey? Damned fools. There are also other instances where a friend from Manipur paid an amount of Rs. 500 just because he was carrying a CD with him. I have heard lots of stories where people have paid fines (as they call it) just because of carrying pickles and other stuff which are not even illegal. The story goes on and on. People who travel regularly know about all these corrupt people and usually do not pay. However, there are countless travelers who are just paying these jerks after they are threatened. Let’s put our heads together and find a proper channel to address this and put an end to this day light robbery.

(The Naga Blog was  created in 2008  by Yanpvuo Kikon. This  column in The Morung  Express will be a weekly feature  every Saturday)