Who is shielding criminals and where is the government?

Over the couple of years there have been hundreds of cases of fraudulent withdrawals and bogus appointments across the state by the criminals in connivance with some government officials. But till date the progress of the investigations and thereafter appropriate actions on those criminals have not been made public, except some insufficient information through the local media. 

As per the information by the media these criminals have withdrawn hundreds of crores of rupees from the state departments through bogus paper works, while hundreds of bogus appointments have been made. However the irony is that these criminals have jumped the law of the land and that state government has remained mute spectator to this state of affairs. 

Is the state government fallen prey to the goons and criminals. And if not then who is shielding these criminals and why state government has failed to bring those people who are protecting the criminals and goons. Where is justice for the common people?

This is absolutely paradox society, where people who are supposed to deliver justice are hand in glove with the criminals. While the innocents are often becoming victims of ‘so called’ justice, but state government has failed to bring those people who are misusing the law of the land. 

Our Naga society cannot continue to be in this way, until when these criminals would even take over the reign of state’s affairs, if this situation is not tackle at this juncture.

David Swu
Daklane, Kohima