Whom to blame?

Kevitho Kera

As you read what I write do not mistake me as pro-BJP. I am writing undeniable facts. Rewind or reflect back.


Did our CHRISTIAN NAGA LEADERS do justice to the offices they held? Aren’t our so called Naga leaders corrupt to the hilt? Aren’t our Naga Christian leaders wicked? Where has the money gone? Where is the development?


Our so-called Christian leaders have failed us and no wonder an opening has been found by other forces to make its presence felt. Maybe these forces may even rule us and we have only ourselves to blame. DO NOT BLAME ANYONE, we are at fault.


From our leaders to common men like me, we failed as Christians and if other forces rule over us, blame ourselves. It may sound harsh but maybe these outside forces might bring the development that is much needed.


Before we act all Christian martyrs, reflect on our so called Naga Christian leaders. Superficial Christians are dangerous, wolves in sheep clothing. It is time to see true Christian leaders.