To Whomever It May Concern From the Angry Young Man

Kerio Wetsah
Forest Colony Pfutsero


Talk to any young man or woman about our Churches and Political scenario today or see the reactions when you go through facebook, whatsapp and other social media. You will discover how depressed, frustrated and angry the younger generations are today and I fall into this category. This writing is a reflection of my burden, reaction, and expression of broken pieces in my heart.


Politics: Dear Politicians! How many of you understand the definition, role, and responsibilities of politics? Have not our Nagaland government become party government? If you really don’t understand your own role and responsibilities, stop speaking on behalf of us.


Stop talking about tourism! Stop talking about Land of Festivals when it is “LAND OF POTHOLES”.  Have you ever realised or do I have to teach you that tourism and development will automatically come once we have better road. Stop talking with your big mouth, people hardly appreciate you at your back. We need better road and electricity because everyone cannot afford SUV and generator like you all. Let you children stay in village for months they will teach you better.


Stop showing your wealth, for we all know that the bigger your house is, the more corrupted you are. Have you ever heard people gossiping near you house, “this is from our money” or “I have my share in that building.” A layman once told me, “If politicians can enter heaven, I will stop being a Christian.” I quoted somebody words not to condemn you, but make a reflection of it. Make note that people cannot bear anymore with all your childish political dramas and non-sense press release.


Stop Wasting our time and resources! We don’t want to waste our money buying newspaper reading all your baseless paper arguments. Today you support particular party or president, tomorrow you curse the same person for the sake of money, prestige and power, is this POLITICAL PROSTITUTE? You all are teaching us how to hate and point fingers at others. The venom of your tongue is spreading disunity to all the villages and families. If at all politicians or party wants to compete, compete for who brings better Nagaland.


Nationalism or Freedom Fighter: Freedom is never with the Indians it is within us. The only thing is we need to unite. The people who support you through ages are hungry for clarity and consistency of your vision. I do accept the fact we are living in and also I am proud to be a Naga. But dear National workers with all due respect, “I dream of a Nagaland where one can live without fear, a land where sister can past the street freely and brother unites to stand against our foe.” How painful it is to live in a land where brother kill brothers and fear is engraved by AK 47.  Today you kill your own brother; tomorrow the illegal immigrants are taking away our home. We will be slave to the invaders in our own home.


Even though I am a Naga, maybe I am nobody to interfere in the present political framework for honourable solution. But it is my curiosity that prompts me to question the framework. I believe transparency and majority approval will bring everlasting solution.  What if we take the framework from village to village for approval and take decision according to the majority favour, we can build a very strong nation. For I am sure that no one will stand against the framework if it is for the welfare of all Nagas.


Dear leaders let us also retrospect and introspect why the division of Nagas started with the signing of Shillong Accord. We cannot afford to make another mistake that will lead to disintegration and forever destroy the unique history of the Nagas. For I am sure, without the consent of the majority Nagas “Greater Nagaland Will Create Smaller Nagaland.” Force at one point of time can make people silent but in the long run it will bring reactions.


Churches and Theologians: Are our Churches today blinded by Church building and Boleros? Can we see even a little bit of member-care like the early Church period and saving souls? Tell me I am wrong, but our Churches have become a platform for celebrities to perform and for the rich to ramp walk the Church carpet.  And yes, to those show off Christians! May I also remind each of us today that righteousness is not only about not getting drunk or not eating tobacco but it means everything.


Another aspect, can we also understand and change our mindset that theological colleges are not rehab centre? Why parents and Churches do not feel hesitant to admit their children or members to theological colleges? Of course everyone can and should get admission, there is nothing wrong there. But the thing is this, when we don’t fully  give up our addiction problems we becomes a stumbling block for our fellow friends and even bring bad name in general as a theologian or theological students. First give up, make commitment and then go for it. Don’t think of changing your bad habits once you join the theological institutions.


Also, is it necessary for all theological students to wait for employment in Churches? Or is it sinful to work outside the institution of the Church? No never. The Church is only an extension of Christ ministry and being a Christian we are involving and continuing the ministry of Christ. We can do mission outside the institution of the Church in the perspective of Universal Church basing entirely on Nazareth Manifesto. To all the theological students, receiving the Call is important but discovering what you are called for is primary. Discover your call and involve in varieties of ministry to establish justice and peace; Kingdom of God on earth as well. You serve the Lord best where you are gifted and good at.


Economy: Who controls our market economy today? T. R. Zeliang? Neiphiu Rio? Shurhozelie Liezietsu? None of the above. We all know who controls it. Why are we the Nagas so hard to humble ourselves in business? Dear Naga business men and women, Why have an attitude who am I to entertain you? Many of you even feel lazy to show and explain the products to the customers. And some even ask price to become crorepati overnight!!! Also to all those Nagas who have the guts to bargain to our poor Naga vegetable vendors and does not care to take back change from the immigrant business settlers in Nagaland, shameless!  When we are too busy fighting because of –ism and unstable government, the invaders business are slowing growing and ours are dying. Let us realise the reality and humble ourselves before the outsiders grow into an economic giant. Remember! the Britishers who controls India for many years were initially a handful of merchants.


Media: Talk about any facebook blog administered by Nagas. On one side I am seriously afraid to post my opinions or burdens for our society and get torturing comments. There are lots of wannabes who wanted to threaten or act off with people. On a serious note, we need to learn to argue and respect each other opinions. Why always bonded by negativity? Why so much of tribalism? It’s a shame! Seriously shameful thing to blindly support one’s own tribe without understanding the context of the issue, it is not bravery but stupidity.  While on the other side, I feel positive to see lots of people willing to Change Nagaland. What if all those bloggers put their words into action, we have a bright future.


Sometimes I doubt if we really have the capacity to use whatsapp. I am desperate to see when people will learn to distinguish between necessary and unnecessary messages. Whatsapp has also become a tool to kill people’s reputation and others by circulating unwanted information. It is our responsibility to know what is necessary to share and what is not. Why always have attitudes to enjoy making fun of people’s failure and forwarding hoax messages? Can we also differentiate between group page and personal page for any Chat? Why show off you English and standard? All these are leading us to nowhere. We all need to maintain ethics and responsibilities in using media. Honesty is measured in the least not only in big things; let us be honest and careful with how we use media.


Concluding note, tell me I am arrogant, manner-less, rude, and anti-Naga but I am not blind. Dear Nagas, while we are busy lusting for money and fighting among ourselves; time and the world is not waiting for us! Act now or never to ceased to exist as a Nation. If you want to see a better Nagaland “Alone I am nothing but together WE CAN.”