Why Nagas !

People living in the Western part of Burma adjoining to China in the North and Eastern part of India and the North East India are called the Nagas. The Nagas have different Dialects. different characters and different ways of life. Inspite of all these differences in their cultures, customs, and languages, they are called the Nagas within the mentioned region of Burma, China and India. There are altogether 16 major Tribes and 30 minor tribes. The word Tribe was derived from their dialects commonly spoken by the particular section of the people living within the Nagas areas. As for example, the Angami Nagas, Ao Nagas, Sema Nagas, Lotha Nagas, Konyak Nagas, Chang Nagas etc etc .
These different Naga Tribes were termed by the British who first occupied a portion of the Nagaland. These un-named tribes were invented by the American Missionaries who taught the Nagas to live in the human living styles and manners with the fear of God. Knowing the existence of Warriors tribes of the Nagas, the British Expeditioners started to exploit the Nagas in different portions of the Nagas inhabited areas and started to dominate the illiterate and uncivilized Nagas.
According to the British History, the Eleventh British Expedition led by Capt. Butler who was named as Political Officer was the first to be killed by the Pangti Villagers, Wokha District in a fair fight between the Pangti Villagers and the Britishers. The British Expeditionist retreated to the present Golaghat (Assam) and established its Head Quarter at Golaghat.
When the western part of Nagaland became Christians their whole intention and attitude of the Christian Nagas had  turned towards their fellow brothers and sisters in Eastern part of Nagaland to convert them to Christianity and had abjured the head hunting and quarrellings over dominations of lands and forests. This shows that the elderly Nagas had a great feelings for their fellow Nagas brothers in the Eastern part of Nagaland irrespective of their being different tribes speaking different dialects. Many Churches had sponsored Evangelists, Pastors to spread the Word of God amongst their fellow Nagas and their sacrifices, troubles and difficulties were repaid heavily by the conversions of the Nagas to Christianity. This bond of brotherhood was further strengthened with the sense and acceptance to live together in Christ.     
Some people said that, some tribes are not Nagas as for example, the Kukis and others. But when we study in details it requires sincere and accurate calculations as well as with an anthropological views. When you deeply observe the Folk Dances and Songs of the different tribes during the Hornbill Festivals celebrations and the North East Agri Expo/Fairs with the representations of the various tribal organizations, anybody can amply understand that it is originally one.
These dances and songs are modified and  modernized but has its oneness and their origin is one that is Nagas’ Cultures and traditions. Again when we study the food habits, Clothes and dresses, they have the same origin. Even the practices of ‘KENA’( taboo/abhor) are  similarly practiced by all the Naga tribes by their customs. The system of relations of families Clan, Village, area, Range and tribes etc are all similar in their history and in their habits and practices. I am not going to stress more in details because the Nagas underground have done a lot of researches in this and though these documents are not officially approved yet there are lots of authentic and right points mentioned in their findings.
This Govt. of Nagaland should have studied and enlightened the Nagas but it is still lacking behind.
On the basis of those few simple points and eye witnesses the Nagas should develop a feeling of Oneness in brotherhood. The Nagas within the present and under the Indian administration should unite and have those Nagas in Burma not politically but on humanitarian ground as the same fellow brothers. If the Nagas are united ultimately the United Nation Organization can give INDIGENOUS STATUS to the Nagas under the Heaven. Every Naga should use his/her mind and the aim of the Nagas should be as to what one can best contribute for the Nagas.
There are some people among the Nagas who are fortunate to become very rich and there are some Nagas who are highly educated and in well to do positions. Those people must have worked very hard and might have studied without sleep with thinking and planning without any stoppage but there is a big and heavy tasks on your heads. This is because many of your fellow Nagas’ families are starving and many of your Nagas are not getting medicines, many are walking miles and miles endlessly on foot without roads, and many are suffering without water to drink and suffering without light to see and without Schools to read and study etc. When we think of all these no one is free no one is high and no one is down and all are same and therefore, those who are fortunate they must have the heart to lead and help.
I am writing this because more than 50 years the word Naga unity and integration is unheard and unuttered and unspoken from the mouth of the Naga people. Let us remember that we are all from the poor and uncivilized people who needs unity and fellow feelings wherever we are and wherever we go.  

Former Minister & Adviser to UNDSP.
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