Will continue to oppose Ibobi and the Congress party: UNC

Newmai News Network
Senapati | September 16


United Naga Council (UNC) on Saturday said it will continue to oppose former Chief Minister of Manipur, O Ibobi Singh and the Congress party. The Naga body vowed that it will not allow the former chief minister and the Congress party to hold ongoing ‘One-Day District Level Political Workers’ conference’ in ‘Naga areas’.


Giving reason, information and publicity wing of UNC alleged that many Nagas or tribal people were killed in Manipur during the time of Ibobi Singh led Congress Government. “We cannot forget that soon about the atrocities meted out to the Nagas or tribals by the Ibobi Singh led communal Government of Manipur,” said the UNC.


The Naga body further said that “because of the state sponsored terrorism under the Ibobi Singh led Congress Government many people were killed or traumatized.” The UNC further alleged that so many acts or bills were passed by the “communal Ibobi Singh led Congress Government to suppress the Nagas or the tribal people.”


According to UNC information and publicity wing, Ibobi Singh had told a programme recently that the seven district creation was his “bold step.” The UNC took this comment of Ibobi Singh as “continuing challenge” to the Naga people. “The tripartite talks are going on because of the mess he and his government had created but he is still vocal on the seven district creation,” said UNC. “If this is not a big challenge to our people then what is?” questioned UNC.


The Naga body then said that Ibobi Singh and the Congress party will not be allowed to “use the soil of the Nagas to suppress the Nagas”. UNC then warned that “in the event of any untoward incident that comes out because of the Congress party programmes in Naga areas O Ibobi Singh and former deputy chief minister Gaikhangam and their party should be held responsible.”