Will Nagaland Government's directive for in-service government doctors to stop private practice bring positive change in the state health care system? Give Reasons

•    Yes, it will help in bringing changes to the health system in interior places.

•    Yes, this is a welcome step. But is the state government serious about implementing this directive. We all know that Nagaland is a khushi khushi state where the high and the mighty get away by doing things according to their own whims and fancies. Let us see if this government has the guts to implement this directive.

•    Yes it can if it is implemented with sincerity and with no favour to anyone.

•    They are neglecting to give special attention to the grassroots sector of people who comes for free treatment because private practice leads unequal treatment

•    Many a time the government employed doctors are less available in the government run hospitals but rather are seen very much available in their private clinic . As a result less care and attention is given towards govt. Hospitals and more attention towards their private run clinic / hospitals. The step of the government to stop private practice by govt employees is a masterstroke towards holistic development and increase in health care sector because doctors will have to dedicate their full time to the government hospitals and at the same time the financial burden face by the public of going to private clinic will also be relieved. Two kitchen is hard to manage and often one is left behind here the government hospitals are often left in deplorable conditions so the government step will definitely boost health care system

•    I believe

•    Yes that's for sure if the Doctors from Nagaland omit private sector... there be a automatically changes will be there and will be good for the public as well for the patients... So that they can give more time in the Govt duties.

•    YES, very much, they will have to concentrate on their Government job only, which will definitely bring changes in the Government Hospitals.

•    Yes of course, i.e., if they are dedicated enough. I am sure there are many dedicated ones. But still, needs more. Opening private clinics sure does have benefits both for the practicing doctors as well as the public, we can’t deny that factor too. But if govt. hospitals are facelifted with good amenities and the already available great doctors, that would be a boon for sure.

•    Yes really needed to be stopped

•    Yes... but first provide BASIC infrastructures, medicines and medical equipments. In most villages even the health centers have collapsed since time immemorial.

•    The reasons being: (1) This will result in the availability of doctors for the patients. Many a times, in-service doctors tend to leave their work and look after their private clinics rendering the patients to wait hours for the appointment. (2) With many budding doctors coming, this will provide a door of opportunities in terms of employment.

•    If implemented correctly, it could yield a highly positive impact, particularly for the financially weaker segments of society. However, a certain degree of skepticism is warranted given the state government's track record in implementing its various policies in our state.

•    Lack of government doctor in rural areas

•    There has been such ban on private practices of Doctors in many states also in organizations that run Hospitals but in vain. Moreover it gives rise to corrupt practices by Doctors themselves hence it would be desirable that their service conditions must bind them in such a way that any laxity in their duties are not condoned rather punished severely. And there should be law enacted in ASSEMBLY to help Police to prosecute them successfully.

•    Don't wanna say but, A big Fat NO.

•    No. Govt doctors should be provided with necessary equipments first. They are forgetting what they learnt when they are posted to remote areas without adequate facilities for them to practice.

•    No. Government took the right step but it will not bring positive results because most doctors priority is money. We will only have bitter people working in govt hospitals. No ethics, just profit

•    Doctors are not just a profession it is a calling. Not everyone can become a doctor, but all human beings need the professional service and advice of doctors. To be a doctor is to serve humanity. Unfortunately, in our state, many doctors are only serving themselves. They are not serving humanity.

•    They will lose their extra money and the poor will stop borrowing money. The knowledge they put in will be the same and the patients that is treated will be the same.

•    If it will happen so than there is a chance of changed in Nagaland and also if they do so also have to provided good medical infrastructure and equipment.

•    I believe even with limited equipments/infrastructure, qualified experienced doctors can make a huge difference if they sit at their office n provide valuable consultation to the patients. Apart from major aliments/surgeries, alot of healthcare services can be given even at the present establishment provided one is dedicated. If the disease cannot be treated at the govt hospital, it can always be referred; it is the duty of the doctor to do the preliminary examination n refer to the specialist in such cases.

•    It will in a way it will bring some positive changes, but more than that the doctors also need quality infrastructures and all the necessity equipments in all the major govt hospitals to provide quality health service. For that the govt needs to take further steps to improve the public health sector in the state and acquire the best infrastructures and equipments. Then every common public can avail proper medical attention without heavy expenses which is our right.

Or else just by stopping those govt docs from private practices alone isn't gonna change our health sector.

Though I would say it a bold and necessary steps. Cause it will help address employment issue among many people who has completed their medical degrees because all cannot get a govt post, thus they can fill in for those govt docs who were working in private set up.

Also, if all the govt docs stop their private ventures and focus on their real job than we will see a better public health services in our govt hospitals, which I would say is quiet lacking.

•    You see, some doctors cannot survive depending on the government alone because they don't get their salaries on time which compelled them to open private hospitals in most cases. Like most of you have commented, facilities should be provided generously by the concerned government. If the doctors are well fed and given proper infrastructures, you can see the next outcome. For now, let's keep on suggesting what our limited minds already know about.