Will the application of the Inner Line Permit (ILP) all over Nagaland solve the issue of ‘illegal migration’?

Will the application of the Inner Line Permit (ILP) all over Nagaland solve the issue of ‘illegal migration’?

Some of those who voted YES had this to say:

• Yes. I feel proper records and data can help policy makers take remedial steps. But it’s also true that Dimapur is developed like a cosmopolitan city because there is no ILP in the district.

• Yes. We can track all the illegal entries.

• Yes. If done with utmost justice. (None of Nagas be selfish and corrupt while implementing it)

Some of those who voted NO had this to say:

• No. Truth be told, as we are as, ‘Blind as a Bat,’ to the inefficiency of the very act (ILP). Loopholes, in every check gate and broad day-light and most uniformed-personnel oblivious to handle the very act and its requirement. Let me state 5 examples, which may-be some of points of discussion, in finding ways to solve the ILP crisis. 1. Police personnel manning the law should be educated (on ILP importance) and awareness given on it. I once saw in Chümoukedima-Check Gate, a load full of ‘illegal immigrants’ on the back of a pickup truck, zooming past the Police post without anyone being checked. The driver was stopped, he stepped into an open police boot and in few minutes he comes rushing back and zooms off. To an observer, it is pretty evident that the procedure was not even followed! 2. Work along with Civil Societies (Who are also trained and act as guardians of implementing ILP). 3. Local Guardians/property owners to be held accountable for any cause arising out of sheltering undocumented or documented arrivals. 4. If a provision be made where each residential area, youth or responsible organization report to the allocated Police branch on a monthly basis. In regards to the number of non-Naga people within ones area, colony or block, this will help check timely unregistered people. 5. Penalty to be imposed on defaulters – be it indigenous or Non-indigenous. Provided, laws to be passed with the participation and agreement of Public and responsible parties.

• No. Until and unless concern authority works honestly nothing will change…

• Not…very much… but something is better than nothing

Some of those who voted OTHERS had this to say:

• Only through the solution of the Nagas.

• If the current lack of sincerity and responsibility from the civil servants and the arrogance of the general masses owing to lack of awareness persists, the application will remain only in paper like almost every other legislation in our outwardly Christian State.

• Expertise says that population engineering is going in entire northeast… Hindi belt is trying to reduce us to minority and extinct us. This is already successful in Tripura and Sikkim, where indigenous population are reportedly less than by 30% and 20% respectively. At this rate, in 30 years all indigenous tribals will be flushed out. To solve this, we should stop being lazy; and we should realize us that GOI is using divide and rule policy. Start working hard like the Japanese, Korean, and Chinese… that’s the only solution. Build a powerful economy, and then no one can rule us or ignore us.

• I believe migrants can build economy but Nagaland is a land of indigenous tribal and 98 percent of our people are not well educated; they are just literate. The ground reality is that it is the others, who is benefitting more from Dimapur than the Nagas.

• The mechanism was supposed to differentiate between the locals (indigenous people) and non-local and also not allowing the non-local to buy land. Yet, we’ve seen the uncheck non-local in NE States. Also Bengal Eastern Frontier Regulation Act 1873 was really supposed to be able to check the ever increasing floods of ‘illegal immigrants,’ particularly from Bangladesh, affecting NE States. There are many reasons why this issue has become a menace, out which some are: 1) Bangladesh is still underdeveloped while India is a developing country. 2) India is a successful democratic nation while Bangladesh is struggling. 3) Bangladesh is the fifth most populated country with nothing to provide to the country man. 4) Lastly, the most important reason is that due to Global warning (increase in sea level) half of Bangladesh will be submerged in water by 2050 or before. And under humanitarian grounds we will be helpless but to provide refugee as a good neighbouring country. This is why until the situation get worst which is inevitable consequence of either the reasons cited above, I’d say we need more and strong mechanism (ILP & BEFR 1873) to check the influx undocumented migrants. Additionally, CAB is not only a political mastermind of BJP to give citizenship to Hindus of other countries (Afghanistan, Pakistan & Bangladesh) it is to change the demography of the NE States to Hindu majority state in the long run. This is why after humongous protest against government and agitation by the people of NE, BJP still insist on bringing back eventually the CAB. This is not mere political propaganda but heinous objectives of BJP to change the country into a new Hindu majority state.

• Maybe such an application may check further infiltration, but what about the past infiltration? The water is contaminated hope it stops further contamination.