Women are not second to men: NMA

DIMAPUR, NOVEMBER 21 (MExN): The Naga Mothers Association (NMA) today stated that 33% reservation for women in Urban Local Bodies elections “only aims to translate to full fruition the very idea of gender equity under the Naga Customary Law and the Constitutional provision of Part IX (A) Municipalities of the Constitution of India and do not infringe  upon the social practices of the Nagas.”


A statement from the NMA said that “women are not second to men in Naga society” and this “is an irrefutable part of Naga Customary Law.”


“Many Naga leaders while commenting upon women reservation in Municipal and Town Councils appear to be in total oblivion of this essential ingredient of gender equity in the Naga Customary Law, for example if there is 100 % opportunity for both men and women to participate in any sector, according to this custom of gender equity, Naga men and women shall have to share the sector on 50/50 basis,” it added.


The NMA said that if political leaders and Tribal Hohos deny this equitable share “they would be committing irreparable injury, not only to the Naga customs, but the very letter and spirit of Article 371 -A (1) (a).”


Over the years, the NMA lamented that “only the men spoke, the men’s voices were heard and the men decided against women reservation, all in the name of upholding  the Naga custom of gender equity and Article 371A(1)(a).”
The 33% reservation, it stated would give a “fillip to the realisation of gender equity under the customs of Nagas into a workable reality, which has been missing for all these decades.”


It further condemned the “double speak of some leaders who first enacted women reservation in the state and made a U-turn for more than a decade, depriving women of their rights as guaranteed under the Constitution.”


Sumi Hoho against women’s reservation


DIMAPUR, NOVEMBER 21 (MExN): The Sumi Hoho today stated it is against the 33 percent reservation of women and instead proposed that women reservation should be replaced by nomination of women with voting rights. A press note from the Sumi Hoho, while endorsing the stand of the CNTC on this issue, affirmed that it has no objection for the move to empower women “For which, women reservation should be replaced by nomination of women with voting rights. At par with men, women too, who are competent and desirous can contest from anywhere they wish to and hold any position as men does,” it said. With regards to taxation on lands and buildings, the Sumi Hoho termed this as a serious issue and “unacceptable.” “In Nagaland, land holding system is entirely different from the rest of the country. Land belongs to individual or community. Imposing taxation on lands and buildings is a direct infringe to the Article 371A,” it stated. The Sumi Hoho therefore stated that such provision for taxation of lands and buildings in the Municipal Act should be “altogether deleted and should never be raised even in the future.”