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Work and Earn, Do Not Beg!

The Naga Blog is a forum on facebook where Nagas from Nagaland and around the world network, share ideas and discuss a wide range of topics from politics and philosophy to music and current events in Nagaland and beyond. The blog is not owned by any individual, nor is it affiliated to or associated with any political party or religion. The only movement it hopes to stir is the one raised by the voices of the Nagas every step of the way, amassing perhaps to mass consciousness one day.

VelaseQuez Ameno: Today While My friend and Myself was returning from College, Something peculiar happened.

One girl(Indian) around 7-8 years, stopped me on the way and came to me with the sheets of paper(xerox copy). She was wearing a dirty uniform and spoke to me in English. I tried to ignore her since we face these kind everytime on our way home. But she seems to be serious and gave me the paper to read. I wasn't serious but since she pleaded me I took the paper and read but didn't read well because I was in a hurry. The paper reads somewhat like, She came from (Rajput/Jaipur, I'am not pretty Sure) and was seeking help here in Nagaland. I don't know whether it is true or not but it seems the Natural Calamities has destroyed their schools and hostels so they need help for re-construction. Below that written note , there was the names of the people and the amount which helped her. Realising that I was also a student and on hearing all these I felt sorry for her and gave Rs. 50. But guess what? To My surprise, instead of thanking me she forced and asked more. She said ''See sister others are giving Rs. 100, Rs. 500 but you're giving less, so atleast give Me Rs. 100''. Hearing this I got angry and left her.

Just then, my friend came to me and told me that one mother came to her seeking help. And to my surprise again, the same incident happened to her as well, but the written note was different. Again, when I came home, I learnt that the same thing had happened to My brother also. Yes! Bloggers this post might sounds ridiculous but I found this fishy and feel that we really need to think on this matter. Here's the Question still disturbing My Mind: 'Are these people really seeking help or Making Money'?
'If they really are seeking for help then, they should be happy even if People give them small amount, but why did they forced and asked for MORE'? I don't regret given away my 50 Rupees but just creating an awareness!
Amongla Longkumer: Same kind of incident happpened to me as well, a man saying he is a missionary was selling books worth Rs 10 per one book, so I gave him ten rupees for a one and he was asking for more. So, I declined and he was shouting and cursing me for just giving him that, it was so embarrassing since many people were around and I just left in a hurry giving him the book back. I wonder what kind of missionary he is!
Bokishe Vihoi: Incredible India. Begging is a crime in South Korea. India, stop begging and start earning by working!

Valentines Special: The Perfect Man?

Ketho Silie: Here is something I wrote some time back, posting it here in TNB as a Valentines day special.
Waiting for the perfect man? Ever come across these men and given them the boot? Hmmm, let's look at them from another perspective.

1.     I agree that guys with very big egos are rather difficult to digest and is a huge turn off but come to think of it, many women like men with a bit of an air of self-importance rather than men with no self-respect at all, they would never let you be humiliated by being a yes man around their colleagues and boost your ego too.
2.     Yes, men with short tempers are very common among our Naga brothers (a result of the warrior blood raging through our veins) and we often witness ugly scenes of street fights and domestic violence. A woman who can tame such a temper is not to be trifled with as she can unleash her beast anytime she feels threatened. He will protect her with savage fury. I say, a man should get angry at the right things at the right time.
3.     Momma's boy! Ahh! That's an easy one. What kind of woman doesn't love a man who has utmost respect for women? A sensitive woman will understand that a guy who loves his mom so much has the passion to love and no doubt, is a romantic fool. Ladies, keep your eye out for such fellers, a gem among men.
4.     A possessive guy is what I highly recommend for women who want to feel loved all the time in sharp contrast to the independent woman, not for women who are in the pro-active women's lib club. Utu Vodafone laka kutta tu, 'follows you where ever you go' tu eman cute nahoi?
5.     A very excellent choice for a smart and confident woman is the confused guy, she can make expert decisions for him and push him to heights which he could never have achieved alone. I believe that the old adage, 'behind every successful man is a strong woman' came from these kind of relationships.
6.     A man who is obsessed with his own appearance is no doubt a good looking man, if you want a guy who makes ladies go green when you are with him then you're rather lucky to have such a fine looking man by your side. You got some qualities that other women don't have which attracts him to you. Make those ladies wonder.
7. The over ambitious guy, hmm, I never really thought that being ambitious could be a turn off. Come to think of it, if he does well in life then you could rest assured that your future and the future of your children is quite secure. There is no way that a person who is quite passionate about his ambitions can be totally numb in his love-life.
To round it all, let me end this by saying, ''No one is perfect. Everyone has their flaws, their weaknesses and their shortcomings, like the gaps between your fingers, everyone has them. It's such a beautiful thing when you hold the hands of that person who can fill up those gaps between them so perfectly. Imperfectly perfect. ''

(The Naga Blog was  created in 2008  by Yanpvuo Kikon. This  column in The Morung  Express will be a weekly feature  every Saturday)