Worship United: Taking charge of change

Worship United: Taking charge of change
People intercede in prayer for Nagaland during the Worship United event held at Amphitheatre Hall, NEZCC on February 17. (Morung Photo)


Morung Express News
Dimapur | February 20

More than 600 young people gathered to intercede in prayer for Nagaland in the light of the impending poll with the hope and trust to act with a better perceptive of its significance.


Coming together from different churches and ministries, the Amphitheatre Hall of NEZCC on February 18 was filled with prayer in response to the clarion call for revival in Nagaland that is plagued with “corruption, greediness for money, and misuse of power, downfall of public system etc.”


The core highlight of the Worship United event was to make an effort in the political progression of Nagaland through the right understanding of election, holding firmly on truth and casting one’s vote responsibly.


“We need revival of love all over Nagaland,” Rev Robert Kikon, Father’s Heart Church said as he led the gathering into prayer.


Meren Jamir from the Civic Central Church, New Delhi said that there is a great need to pray for the political leaders because they are one of the key pillars in any free society and it is equally important for the public to elect the right representative.


Sending a message to the leaders of the land that “we need the right government” Supong, pastor, Dimapur Christian Fellowship affirmed the belief that “Nagaland will change.”


“The things happening around should not make you angry but sensitive,” pastor Visasier Kevichusa, Kingdom Culture Church said while enlightening to the young people that “each person is meant to be called out from the system of corruption.” He also said that “Prayer is what brings lasting change.”


Wabang Longchari from The Lighthouse Church made a plea to continue praying for Nagaland and to be instrumental in bringing an end to the poor leadership and corruption and build the desired society and environment for the safety of the coming generation.


In support of the Clean Election campaign under the aegis of the Nagaland Baptist Churches Association, Longchari strongly advocated that it is the responsibility of every believer to take part in implementing this call prayerfully. “When you have not prayed for anything and anyone, better to keep silent,” he said in conclusion.


Earlier, in the worship service, Missionary Heidi Baker shared on the value of oneself. Sharing her experiences working with orphans stricken by poverty and diseases, she said that everyone is called to shine. “People treat orphanage like a project. Orphans feel they are less than the others but the truth is each person is called to be different and you are called to yield you,” she asserted in her message.


The choir from Hope Academy also presented two special songs and assisted in ministering to the sick people.


Some of the worship leaders for the ‘Worship United’ were Jack Pucho from The Warehouse- Worship Resource School along with Tali Angh and others from The Lighthouse Church, Dimapur.