WW II Peace Rally culminates

WW II Peace Rally culminates

The World War II Peace Rally culminated at World War II museum premises in Kisama on December 2. Organized by Nagaland Adventure and Motor Rally Association and sponsored by the Department of Tourism, Government of Nagaland, the rally was earlier flagged off at Multipurpose State Stadium, Dimapur by Commissioner of Taxes, Mhathung Murry.


A total of 11 jeeps consisting of 25 participants, including 4 women crew, participated in the rally.


Parliamentary Secretary for Tourism, C. Apok Jamir at the prize distribution ceremony urged, “Let us take the rally as a mark to bring about realization to bring peace and prosperity in the State.”


The Peace Rally is a commemoration of the World War II, to retrospect on the destruction and all that had taken place, Apok maintained. He pointed out that the destruction caused during the war gave an opportunity for soul searching.


Peace is the pre-requisite for development, he stated, calling on the gathering to take the rally as a mark to bring about peace and prosperity.


Ponen, a participant, in an interview pointed out the need to bring about professionalism in the participants. Inviting participants ahead of time will ensure an increase in participation, he said.


Winners of the various categories:

Best uniform squad: Car no. 4- Kanato, Kashito, Tonika and Kaka.
Most disciplined squad: Car no. 6- Vinito, Kito and Inato Sumi.
Best all women squad: Car no. 11- Alebu, Velhukhalu, Keneichanuo and Kehoule-u,
Best tourism promotion squad: Car no. 8- Tovika, Akato and Samual
Best maintained vehicle: Car no. 5- Er. Imsukaba and Aren
Best original vehicle: Car no. 3- Aron, Anoka Vikaito, Diku and Norbert


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