Will palm oil plantation have a positive impact in Nagaland? Give Reasons

•    Will lead to deforestation and this will bring in faster climate change in the region affecting one and all

•    Yes it will be beneficial for Nagaland. Reasons 1. As long as plantation is done on already deforested agricultural lands; 2. It is economically a better alternative to other plantations like teak, rubber, Areca etc due to huge supply and demand gap; 3. NE is one among the one or two regions feasible for palm oil cultivation due to better rainfall. And finally as far as consumption is concerned….. it’s been ages since we have been consuming palm oil in every FMCG products in the supermarket from biscuits, noodles, pickles, sweets etc, etc to even edible oils which are all mixed with palm oil to some extent, let’s not fall for the media campaigns by the west to vilify palm oil. Africans (oil palm is originally from Africa) have been consuming palm oil since time immemorial but look at their physical health.

•    Reality of its cultivation in Mizoram is enough to justify its harmful effect especially in a water-scarce state like ours.

•    This is no rocket science, it'll have a negative impact on the environment!

•    No, rather more profitable horticultural crops like oranges, dragon fruits, has avocados, ramputan, mangosteen, durian, etc. which have good market value and are in great demand in Indian cities should be cultivated.

•    Detrimental to biodiversity and will adversely impact local agriculture- i.e. growing of diverse food crops.

•    Palm cultivation is hazardous not only for humans but as well as our agriculture, the mass deforestation will lead to erosion and water contamination.

•    Big no. Do the research on what it does to the soil and land