Yimchungers in Pungro celebrate Medümneo

Yimchungers in Pungro celebrate Medümneo


Pungro, August 13 (MExN): The Yimchunger community of Pungro celebrated Medümneo festival, one of the most significant festivals of the community, at Pungro subdivision local ground on August 8. ‘Peace, prosperity and tranquillity’ was the theme of the event.


Former legislator K. Zungkum in his message said the festival was a festival of souls. He enlightened that ‘Me’ means ‘soul’, ‘düm’ means ‘wrapped’ and ‘neo’ means festival, which signifies purification of the soul of new born babies of the year, and departure of soul of those who were about to die that year. It was also a festival where new engagement of young boys and girls were arranged and gifts were exchanged, he added. Zungkum appealed to the Yimchunger community to be united for all round development.


Legislator T. Torechu, the host of the festival, extended warm greetings to the Yimchunger community on the occasion and urged the people to celebrate the festival with spirit of love, affection and respect for each other.
The festival as celebrated by the ancestors was demonstrated by Richang and group of Mongtsuvong village.


Medümneo greetings were extended by Khongsa Area GBs Union president Rethrongmong, ADC Pungro Wennyei Konyak, and Deputy Director Art and Culture Murelim. Short speeches were delivered by retired IGP Akum Yim and public leader Rukiumong.

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