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Youth organisation checks on problems at IMDH

Mokokchung Town Lanur Telongjem officials with the Health Minister, Imkong L Imchen at his official residence at Kohima on November 17.


Nagaland health minister pressed on addressing grievances for immediate actions


• Lack of proper water supply • Irregularities of doctors • Lack of infrastructures


Mokokchung, November 20 (MExN): After listening to the various grievances of the general public, especially the patients seeking medical help at the Imkongliba Memorial District Hospital (IMDH), the Mokokchung Town Lanur Telongjem (MTLT) took stock of the situation and met with the concern authorities of IMDH and also the Health Minister, Government of Nagaland and presented the grievances of the public for immediate actions.


The MTLT, as one of the concerned citizen based organizations in Mokokchung town, had been hearing many grievances from the patients and attendants who approach the IMDH for their varied ailments. The MTLT also duly acknowledged the words of grievances and met with the IMDH officials and shared and discussed how to make the only government district hospital run in a better way.


Likewise, the MTLT also called an emergency meeting on November 15, 2017 and resolved to meet the Medical Minister, Imkong L Imchen at the earliest and share the predicament of the patients. Therefore, the MTLT officials duly met the Medical Minister at his official residence on November 17, 2017.


Of the many plights and inconveniences faced by the common public, the MTLT especially took serious note of the lack of proper water supply at the hospital. With the dry season approaching, the lack of water supply (or for that matter, the improper distribution of water supply to the patients) at the hospital is a serious matter which should be taken up at the earliest.


The youth organisation also took up the issue of irregular power supply at the hospital, the functioning of the Blood Bank and the lack of proper infrastructure at the hospital.


Taking very serious note of the irregularities of doctors at the hospital, they said that "this is one persistent grievance aired out by the patients, and the MTLT would seriously take note of this public grievance and the hospital, or the government, would he held responsible if any patient die due to non-attendance or non-performance of the doctors. "


Further, they also discussed about the lack of an Intensive Care Unit (ICU), an Incubator for new born babies and even a proper government ambulance. The Medical Minister assured to look into the issues and do the needful at the earliest for which the MTLT express deep our deep appreciation. At the same time, the MTLT asks the Government of Nagaland to initiate the necessary actions in a time bound manner.


The MTLT, as a conscientious organization comprising of the educated and enlightened youths of Mokokchung town, asserts that our actions are aimed at the wellbeing of the general public. The Imkongliba Memorial District Hospital (IMDH) is the first referral point for hundreds of patients not only for Mokokchung district but also for the sister districts like Tuensang, Zunheboto, Longleng etc.


It sincerely hopes that the concerned authorities would do the needful in the greater interest of the general public stated a press release issued by MTLT Grievances Cell, Convener, Aolong Imchen and President, Imkummeren Jamir.