Zero Energy Cool Chamber

Alphonsa, S.Mhonyani, Subeno

B.Sc (Agriculture) Mewar University. Rajasthan


Zero energy cool chamber- an-on farm rural oriental storage structure which operates on the principle of evaporation cooling, this is an on farm storage chamber, for fresh fruits, vegetables and flowers to extend their marketability. Due to their high moisture content fruits and vegetables have very short life and are liable to spoil.Moreover, they are living entities and carry out transpiration, respiration and ripening even after harvest. Spoilage of the fruits and vegetables can be controlled by reducing the storage system. Chamber can keep the temperature 10-150C cooler than the outside temperature and maintain about 90% relative humidity.


*Select an upland having a nearby source of water supply.

*Make floor with brick 165cm x 115cm.

*Erect the double wall to a height of 67.5cm leaving a cavity of 7.5cm.

*Drench the chamber with water.

*Soak the fine river bed sand with water.

*Fill the 7.5cm cavity between the double wall with this wet sand.

*Make a frame of top cover with bamboo (165cm x 115cm) frame and sirki, straw or dry grass etc.

*Make attach/shed over the chamber in order to protect it from direct sun or rain.

*Keep the sand, bricks and top cover of the chamber wet with water.

*Water twice daily in order to achieve desired temperature and relative humidity.

*Store the fruits and vegetables in this chamber by keeping in perforated plastic crates.

*Cover these crates with the thin polyethylene sheet.