5 ways to rekindle and maintain long-distance friendships

5 ways to rekindle and maintain long-distance friendships

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New Delhi, August 5 (IANSlife) Long distance friendship can be hard and it can eventually get complicated if one of the two people feel neglected. With distance, friendships can fade since you are no longer able to see each other or enjoy those amazing moments together. However, if you care deeply about your friend, don’t let this be an excuse to loosen that bond, there are ways to still hang on to the friendship.

ShareChat creator Neha Parmar shares 5 ways how s/he kept those connections burning bright, no matter how many miles s/he were apart from his/her best friend. 

Cook together over video calls:  Step into the virtual kitchen and challenge your buddies to a thrilling cook-off over video calls. Armed with aprons and a shared recipe, let the culinary showdown begin! The laughter over a delicious virtual feast will make you feel as if you are sitting right beside each other, the taste of victory and delicious food is even better when shared with friends.

Get ready for some Game Nights: Who says you can't have fun while being miles apart? Embrace the power of technology and organise some epic virtual game nights! From playing Among Us showdowns to Jackbox Party Packs, gaming brings everyone together. So take this chance to beat your friends in some fun games.

Organise a Watch Party: Recreate the nostalgia of cozy movie nights with your besties through the Netflix Party extension. With synchronised viewing and real-time chatting, you can bond over your favorite flicks as if you are all snuggled up on the same couch. Movie magic knows no bounds when shared with true friends.

Snail Mail Surprises: Adding a little old-school charm can work wonders! Surprise your pals with cute snail mail packages filled with handmade cards, heartfelt letters, or even personalised doodles. There's something magical about getting a surprise in your mailbox that brings back those nostalgic vibes.

Virtual Affection: Don't let distance hinder you from expressing your feelings about your friendship. Even though you're apart, you can still make them feel important by sharing memories or a heartfelt video on social media along with a warm and meaningful caption.