7 in 10 IT leaders believe AI-enabled tech will make teams more efficient: Study

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New Delhi, August 18 (IANS) Nearly seven in 10 IT leaders believe that artificial intelligence (AI)-enabled technologies will make teams more efficient globally, a new study said on Friday. 

According to chip maker AMD, three in four IT leaders are optimistic about the potential benefits of AI -- from increased employee efficiency to automated cybersecurity solutions -- and more than two in three are increasing investments in AI technologies. 

However, while AI provides clear opportunities for organisations to become more productive, efficient, and secure, IT leaders expressed concern about the timeliness of their AI adoption due to a lack of implementation roadmaps and the overall readiness of their existing hardware and technology stack. 

About 52 per cent said that their organisations do not yet have needed IT infrastructure. 

The survey included 2,500 IT leaders across the US, UK, Germany, France, and Japan to understand how AI technologies are reshaping the workplace, how IT leaders are planning their AI technology, etc. 

"IT leaders are seeing the benefits of AI-enabled solutions, but their enterprises need to outline a more focused plan for implementation or risk falling behind. Open software ecosystems, with high-performance hardware, are essential, and AMD believes in a multi-faceted approach of leveraging AI IP across our full portfolio of products to the benefit of our partners and customers," said Matthew Unangst, senior director, commercial client and workstation, AMD. 

Moreover, the study found that 68 per cent of IT leaders believe AI can help work models run more efficiently, and 67 per cent said that it can increase overall employee efficiency. 

More than 50 per cent of IT leaders said their organisations aren’t ready to implement AI, laying out a five-year timeline to fully build AI into the enterprise. 

Over 50 per cent also said that they have not experimented with the latest natural language processing apps yet.