A Future Governor..!

The members of the social club appeared a disgruntled lot as their President conducted their weekly meeting. A bespectacled man, normally very quiet, but today greatly agitated, rose from his traditional place near the door, his face pale and manner perturbed, “Mr President,” he said, and his voice quivered with concern, “There is not much importance given to our projects by the Governor of our District!” The other members nodded vigorously, happy that one among their midst had expressed their deep anguish.  “We have planted two bougainvillea trees, given my old computer to a school, gifted a bedsheet to an orphanage, but the District Governor has not acknowledged or congratulated us in his communications!”

There was a murmur of disapproval, and the President beckoned for quiet, “I am well aware of the silence of our beloved Governor,” said the President, “and let me assure you it has disturbed me greatly, “I think our problem is the photographs we sent him!”

The members clapped at their wise president’s observation. They had seen the pictures taken by one of the members and had quietly agreed they were not of the best quality.

“Yes,” said the member who had initially raised the point, “I agree! Our projects could compete any day with those of other clubs, why, our president looked so cute planting those two saplings, much better than all those other club presidents donating toilets for railway stations and building classrooms for poor students! Bah nobody has a better suit than our president! It doesn't even get dirty when he plants trees!” The members clapped lustily.

“Yes we need better pics!” shouted the immediate past president.

“I second that!” said the present president.

“From now on let us use only iPhones when pics are taken!” said another member.

“Samsung quality is equally good!” said the same bespectacled member, raising his phone to the ceiling.

“Order! Order!” shouted the President.

“I think I have a better suggestion!” screamed a lady member above the din.

“What is it madam?” asked the President, who preferred calling all ladies ‘madam’ so his wife wouldn’t get upset. “We would love to hear what you have to say madam!”

“I agree with the importance of good pictures that should be sent out and put up on social media!” said the lady member, “I have observed that the better the picture, the more appreciation a club receives! I propose we induct a cameraman as a member of our club! A photographer of such precise technique and expertise who’s pictures will immediately have us catapulted into the eyes of the higher ups!”

The roar of approval that swept the club could even be heard in the parking lot and the drivers there smiled that their bosses were in a good mood, “Bravo! Bravo!” cried all the club members as the club approved the motion and the members went home, determined to induct the best photographer in town, who would change their fortunes in the district, and maybe raise one of them to be a future district governor..!

Robert Clements is a newspaper columnist and author. He blogs at www.bobsbanter.com and can be reached at bobsbanter@gmail.com