A Loyolan Legacy: Ode to a Nurturing Ground

Loyola Hr Sec School Kiphire

Loyola Hr Sec School Kiphire

Dr Subroto Kumar Panda, Ph.D. 
Ex Loyola School, Kiphire Student

Misty dawns kissed by dew's embrace, 
Where Sitimi, Seyouchung, Singrep sleep, 
A steaming cup on the machang's grace, 
And Loyola's halls where knowledge deepens.

Assembly's hum, Fr. Mathew's prayer, 
Echoing bells, classrooms filled with light, 
Shakespeare's sonnets, history's snare, 
From Mughals' might to Company's fight.

Dominic Sir’s, math's awakening call, 
Binary logic, a future's gleam, 
Computer dreams, unforeseen thrall, 
Planted while equations still held sway, it seems.

Sister Mary's tales, with morals spun, 
Young hands that fixed a frozen frame, 
Father's trust, a bond begun, 
Seeds of respect, fanned into flame.

December feasts, a joyous tide, 
Appreciation for lessons shared, 
Father Mathew's blessings wide, 
Never dreaming what heights prepared.

Facebook threads, connecting souls spread, 
College doors, ambition's chase, 
Company shifts, knowledge tread, 
A restless hunger for a higher space.

Then, destiny's twist, a Delhi dawn, 
Father Mathew, a cherished guest, 
Blessing hearth and child he'd drawn, 
A legacy fulfilled, love manifest.

Deepest respect to Kiphire's soil, 
Where mind and body found their start, 
To Nagaland, my spirit's foil, 
And Loyola's friends, forever in my heart.