A reply to ‘Bitter pills: Irrational and hazardous’

This is in reaction to your front news on 3rd April, 06, regarding the uselessness of certain drugs of standard manufacturers, like Glaxo, Pfizer, Himalaya, Ranbaxy etc.

I am in medical practice including government practice for the last thirty-four years. The observations made by the India National Commission on Macroeconomics and Health, is to greater extent misleading. I do not know what sort of resources like patient observation or biological tests they have done; but with our clinical experience, I find some of the remarks and conclusions are not correct.

For example, Liv-52 of Himalaya drugs, is quite helpful for acute or chronic liver ailments. Even extensive studies conducted in Germany by eminent herpetologists (liver specialists), have recommended the use of liv-52, for chronic alcoholics and persons suffering from different ailments of liver like fatty degeneration, Cirrhosis, and even regeneration of liver, studying large number of patients and volunteers. I am not an employee or beneficiary of any of the mentioned companies. But from day to day practice, I strongly feel medicines like liv-52, Combiflam, Evion (vitamin-E), etc are quite standard and good result orienting drugs. I feel, a re-review, by The National Commission should be done.

Dr B.S.R. Mahapatra,
Former Medical Superintendent & Consultant (Jt. Director), Nagaland Medical Services and Life Member, I.M.A (Indian Medical Association), Chekiye village, Dimapur