A Time To Act

Naga Hoho for consultation on extortion, rape and  murder

Dimapur, May 9 (MExN): The scourge of crime in Nagaland – with particular reference to rape and murder and the disease of extortion alongside – is to be the central point of discussions on May 15 for Naga civil society. Notwithstanding the government’s unchanging claims of ‘normal’ law and order situation, the increasing crimes have compelled the Naga Hoho to call for a consultative meet on May 15 in Kohima. 

The Naga Hoho during its executive council meeting on May 6 decided to organize a consultative meeting particularly with all women organizations and representatives of different Naga tribe leaders from all Naga areas. The meeting is scheduled for 11 AM at the State Zonal Council Hall in Kohima. 

The Naga Hoho has invited three representative each from the Nagaland Women Commission, Naga Mothers’ Association, all tribe women organizations, Nagaland Bar Association, all tribe hohos, GBs and DBs, the Naga Students’ Federation, the Naga People’s Movement for Human Rights, Nagaland Christian Forum, the Nagaland Baptist Church Council, Council of Naga Baptist Churches, Naga Council Dimapur and the Dimapur women Hoho. All organizations are requested to send their representatives ‘without hesitation in case the official intimation fails to reach in time’.   The Naga Hoho, in a communiqué from its general secretary, said crimes such as rape, murder and extortion have become a menace in today’s contemporary Naga society. The society is now ‘completely wrecked’ the Naga Hoho said. The Naga apex pointed to the urgency to formulate strategies to curb the social diseases in the Nagas’  community. 

It is high time for the government and the people from different walks of life as well as what the hoho stated to be the various “Naga nationalists,” to reevaluate the root causes leading to the “social tribulations and unrest” in the  state.   

According to the hoho, the consultative meeting is not being initiated with the intention to bring on board representatives of different organizations and tribes to deliberate and make decisions on the spot. “However, we expect some frame-alignment to occur on some issues of common concern. It is expected that by listening to each others’ experiences of working for better future one could gain deeper understanding about various initiatives and strategies being adopted in not so similar situation and context,” the hoho said.  The Naga Hoho added that the event could also provide space and opportunity for cross fertilizations of various ideas, strategies and actions for further implementation with the help of various stakeholders in the state.