ABAM calls for ‘qualitative participation’ in LS elections

Impur, April 15 (MExN): The Ao Baptist Arogo Mungdang (ABAM), the apex association of Ao Baptist Churches, today urged responsible citizens to exercise fundamental right to vote without losing the credibility and without “infringing the Secular fabric of the Nation.” 

As per the ABAM, one of the primary roles in any egalitarian society is fulfilled by the voters since regular and periodic elections are one of the features of a democratic polity. 

When there is free, fair, ethical participation of each citizen then we can expect the achievement of democracy, it said, adding that voting fulfils the duty of responsible citizens to collectively drive the nation in a morally better direction.

Accordingly, the Mundang stressed that it is pertinent for every responsible citizen to maximise their right to vote and assist one another towards conscientising of the whole electoral process for qualitative participation.

A statement issued by the ABAM Executive Secretary Rev Dr Mar Pongener and President Rev Dr L Lima Jamir further observed that a single voting choice has the potential to shape the fate of the government, for better or for worse, consequently impacting people's lives.

As citizens of India, having abiding faith in democracy, ABAM continues to encourage every citizen to uphold the democratic traditions of our country, it added. 

ABAM for Qualitative Participation in the 18th Lok Sabha Election