ABFRL and GIZ announces the 'Circularity Innovation Challenge 2023'

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IANS Photo

New Delhi, April 26 (IANSlife): The 'Circularity Innovation Challenge 2023' has been introduced by German Gesellschaft fur Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) and Aditya Birla Fashion and Retail Limited (ABFRL). By working together with the Centre for Environment Education (CEE) and GIZ Leverist, this programme aims to give innovators in the textile and apparel sector a place to develop fresh ideas. There will be eight categories in the competition, and innovators who are shortlisted or selected will have the chance to pilot their ideas.

"We are thrilled to kickstart the 'Circularity Innovation Challenge 2023' in partnership with GIZ," said Dr Naresh Tyagi, Chief Sustainability Officer, ABFRL. "At ABFRL we aim to collaborate, contribute, and co-create a new movement in the Indian textile sector. Our goal is to create a platform for innovators, to introduce sustainable and impactful solutions and raise awareness about textile circularity. This initiative will bring forth innovative solutions that can help minimise textile waste and promote the use of sustainable materials in the industry. We are happy to announce that the finalist will get a platform to co-design pilot projects with ABFRL, which will be integrated into our supply chain. Moreover the pilot project will give them a boost to test and scale their innovation in the larger textile and apparel market."

The German Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ) sees immense value in public-private partnerships as a measure to attain the sustainable development agenda. Their DeveloPPP program supports this joint project between GIZ India and ABFRL on circularity in India's textile and apparel sector. Meghana Kshirsagar, Senior Advisor Climate Change and Circular Economy at GIZ India, emphasises that this innovation challenge is one of their many upcoming initiatives to bring stakeholders from the textile ecosystem on one platform - innovators, designers, students, brands and industry, MSMEs, incubators, think-tanks and decisionmakers - so we can together showcase successful examples of circular approaches for the sector through effective collaboration.

Kartikeya Sarabhai, Director, Centre For Environment Education (CEE) says, "The textile industry is one of the largest sectors of our economy. The challenge is to achieve growth along with sustainability, through a circular economy model. The Innovation Challenge is meant to encourage and capture the creativity and innovations especially of our youth. Eight different categories have been identified in which participants can apply and it aims to introduce circular economy models at an industry level through the ground breaking work of innovators. It's a great platform to collaborate, contribute and co-create."

Participants in this challenge will have the opportunity to incorporate their ideas into the supply chains of textile companies and co-design pilot projects with ABFRL that focus on circularity and sustainability in textile and apparel. A large network of industry stakeholders will be introduced to the most creative concepts in order to explore potential links and collaborations.

To encourage circular business practises in the Indian market, ABFRL has partnered with GIZ. Incorporating circular solutions into the textile and apparel industry's linear value chain not only helps existing players realise unrealised commercial opportunities, but it also significantly lowers the sector's high carbon footprint. ABFRL and other market participants can apply circular business principles and put in place technologically advanced and user-friendly procedures with the assistance of GIZ.

Startups and innovators can submit nominations for awards in the many categories indicated on the website. Participants will have the chance to work together with others who share their interests to improve the environment.

The Challenge is open for virtual applications until April 25, 2023, on the Leverist platform.

Click here to apply: https://app.leverist.de/en/opportunities/circularity-innovations-in-the-textiles-and-apparel-sector-in-india