About Us

The Morung Express

Guiding Principles

The Morung Express is an independent English language newspaper which provides an alternative voice to the dominant status quo. Based in Nagaland, India, The Morung Express was conceived from the Naga people’s historical realities and is guided by their voices and experiences. It emerged from the well-recognized concept that the core of a free press is based on “qualitative and investigative” journalism. Ensuring this is essential for contributing to a Naga public that makes informed decisions on issues that affect all spheres of life.

Furthermore, The Morung Express asserts that it is independent of government influence, and is NOT associated or related to any vested political party or political faction or commercial media interests. The Morung Express sustains its editorial autonomy while encouraging and strengthening the people’s freedom of expression as a catalyst in the democratization process.

Principle Statement

The Morung Express acknowledges and respects the power of public opinion and its ability to safeguard democratic space with the potential to support vital policy formulation and decision-making processes. The Morung Express promotes developing a critical consciousness that can mobilize public opinion into taking appropriate actions that will usher in a transformational era where sustainable democracy and JustPeace can thrive.

Using this “new lens” The Morung Express is committed to presenting a perspective that is representative, balanced, fair and insightful. It is also founded on reporting the “truth” while providing fact-based analysis using “process-based reporting” that is “qualitative and investigative” in nature. Since all issues relating to people’s existence are important, The Morung Express will endeavor to create the space where varying opinions are welcomed and expressed, particularly silenced voices from the margins. By grounding itself in “process-based reporting,” The Morung Express makes every effort to sincerely communicate the meaningful intentions of human endeavors, and contribute to cultivating an informed public by sensitively and respectfully examining complexities.

The Morung Express embraces a philosophical and factual approach that informs and nurtures public opinion. It asserts the imperative for its journalists to establish investigative reportage. By using an inclusive, representative and participatory praxis, it will maximize effective communication through dialectical exchanges on the issues. The Morung Express will prioritize reportage according to its news-worthiness and public concerns; not for political expediency.

Objectivity can be attained when subjective positions, opinions and perspectives are presented through public expression in an open, respectful and egalitarian manner. Recognizing every issue has a counter view, The Morung Express is persuaded to maintain balanced and impartial coverage. For this reason, The Morung Express supports open public dialogue on ideas, perspectives and issues that are vital for the people to stay engaged and in relationship with each other.

The Morung Express, in order to promote common understanding and responsibility, will present stimulating, thought-provoking perspectives that are intended to encourage the public dialogue and appreciation of issues that are often misinterpreted, ignored or overlooked. As a communicator of issues, The Morung Express endeavors to support empowering processes that will stimulate new and relevant perspectives to the issues. 

The Morung Express will endeavor in communicating the undeniable need for people to form free and informed choices, create a climate of openness and a social discourse that will strengthen democracy in order to attain JustPeace. This requires upholding democratic values and principles in order for the people’s voices to be heard.

Operational Values

The Morung Express

  • Will be people-oriented and support a praxis of dialogue with new ways of listening, hearing and eporting which requires its journalists to be communicators and not commentators.
  • Believes in a shared vision that unites and inspires nurturing a just and democratic society while constantly maintaining its ethics through practicing transparency and accountability by verifying and authenticating its information sources.
  • Will be humanely driven, historically and culturally sensitive.
  • Seeks ethical processes to empower individuals and communities, and be respectful while engaging with the process of transformation.
  • Endeavors to speak the truth while serving and being responsive to the people, will maintain confidentiality, protect its sources and respect people’s right to privacy.
  • Will not exaggerate the news in order to sensationalize its headlines for commercial interest or to sway public opinion. Furthermore, The Morung Express retains the right to withhold any news item, article or press statement which contravenes journalistic ethics and is not duly sanctioned by the issuing authority.
  • Is ethically responsible to report the facts as honestly, openly, and as objectively as possible.
  • The independent opinions and positions of The Morung Express will be clearly indicated as editorials, commentaries and reviews if and when they are published.


Finally, the people – which is you – are most essential to The Morung Express without which we are irrelevant. All of us here at The Morung Express seek your support, critical and constructive suggestions so that together we may sincerely contribute towards building a dignified and harmonious society where the free press as the fourth pillar of democracy has a vital role.

Dr. Aküm Longchari

The Morung Express