Acting was never my calling: Anshula Kapoor

Acting was never my calling: Anshula Kapoor

Acting was never my calling: Anshula Kapoor

New Delhi, November 30(IANSlife) Surrounded by some of Bollywood''s most celebrates actors in her own family, Arjun Kapoor''s sister Anshula Kapoor says that acting never came to her as a calling.

In an exclusive interview with IANSlife, Anshula, 26, said: "My family has always been interested in the industry and the professions they are in. I, as a child, didn''t know what I wanted to do. Acting never came to me as a calling."

"When I did acting in school, it was mostly for me to come out of my shell. I had stage fright. Even in a room of 20 people, I couldn''t talk. My mom encouraged me to the theatre. It was a nice subject to take," stated Anshula.

Although she has done some theatre in school, she says she didn''t want to go beyond that. She adds, "I am very camera shy. I''ve always been academically-inclined, I was always the nerd reading when everyone had a good time. I still enjoy reading my books more than anything else."

In August this year, Anshula launched her social initiative named Fankind, an online fundraising platform that connects fans and celebrities, and at the same time, raises funds for important causes. So far, it has collaborated with celebrities like Varun Dhawan, Alia Bhatt, Sonakshi Sinha, YouTube sensation Prajakta Koli, with Karan Johar''s roles in the current campaign.

For her, the business side of entertainment was always more interesting, and she says that Fankind has a little bit to tie her to the entertainment world her family belongs to.

Asked if she has any plans to act, Anshula laughs.

"It''s not something I''m actively looking to do. Fankind is my child and acting is not happening for me on a professional level."