Aichisaghemi community condemns assault incident

Dimapur, April 1 (MExN): The Aichisaghemi Community Dimapur, (ACD) has “vehemently” condemned the "brutality of the police" in assaulting one of its members Nitoshe.
In a condemnation note, the ACD issued by its Chairman Shinito Yeptho and secretary Kiyeshe Aye stated that Notoshe was assaulted “inside the very confines of where protection was supposed to be given”.
“As per media reports and upon inquiry with the victim, one policeman Hachio had reportedly beaten up Nitoshe, a bonafide member of our organization on mere suspicion of theft on March 29 evening. What was more appalling was that Nitoshe was picked and assaulted even before necessary procedures were looked into thereby denying any of his rights. This shows that the police tried to torture the victim into saying say yes to what he was accused of. Was the policeman oblivious of the fact that forced admittance of crime committed by the accused while in police custody was not admissible in the court of law? We have learnt that the above mentioned policeman was not the only personnel involved in assaulting our member,” it retorted in the note.
It also mentioned that the case has been reported to the SP Dimapur, we would only appeal the police authorities to take all necessary steps so that the policeman/men who took the law into their own hands are suitably punished. "A mere warning slapped on the guilty is not enough".
“The police should also act expeditiously on the counter FIR against the complainant for false implication and the separate FIR lodged against those who assaulted our member on suspicion of theft. In case the entire case is concluded in a biased manner, the ACD will take up the issue to appropriate higher authority for necessary delivery of justice,” the ACD stated in the note.