All about RAP (Restricted Area Permit)

There are many instances when people invite foreigners to Nagaland without having the knowledge that a foreign Passport Holder requires an RAP (Restricted Area Permit) to visit Nagaland. This puts both the hosts and the law enforcement agencies in embarrassment. Anybody inviting a foreigner to Nagaland should first obtain his/her RAP from the competent authority and then only ask them to come to Nagaland. PIO (Person of Indian Origin) card holders also need to obtain RAP as the PIO cards are not valid for Protected/Restricted areas.

How to obtain RAP

If the foreigners are traveling in a group of four or more; or married couple, then the following are authorized to issue the RAP:

1.    Home Commissioner, Govt. of Nagaland.

2.    Resident Commissioner, Nagaland House, 29 Aurangzeb Road, New Delhi.

If the number of foreigners intending to visit Nagaland is 3 or less and there are no married couples; then the authorities competent to:

1.    The Ministry of Home Affairs (Foreign Division), the Government of India, New Delhi.

2.    All Indian Missions Abroad.

3.    FRROs, Delhi, Kolkota and Mumbai

•    The State government of Nagaland is not empowered to issue in such cases.

The application for grant of RAP should be submitted about 4 to 6 weeks in advance as the govt. of India conducts certain verifications which take time.

Instruction for Permit Holders

1.    The permit for the group of four or more is valid only when all the persons mentioned in the permit are traveling together unless otherwise specifically mentioned.

2.    Permit is valid for the specific tourist circuit route and definite exit points. No area other than the ones indicated in the permit should be visited.

3.    Permit holders are requested to keep sufficient number of photocopies of the permit with them, which may be required for depositing at each point of enter/exit.

4.    Permit holders should not stay in the restricted/protected areas after the expiry of the permit.

Instructions for Travel Agents/Tour Operators/Guest House

1.    Travel agencies/tour operators should ensure those tourist groups sponsored by them are in procession of valid restricted/protected area permits.

2.    It will be the responsibility of the travel agents/tour operators to ensure that the tourist groups do not visit places other than the permitted ones and also ensure that they do not stay there after the expiry of the valid period.

3.    Owners of guest houses/hostels must ensure that foreigners with valid restricted area permits only stay with them. It is mandatory for the guest houses/hotels and also individuals, if any foreigners stay with them, to inform the police about their arrival/departure of foreigners within 24 hours. Action against those who do not follow the above instructions will be taken under the Foreign Act 1946.

4.    All foreign Tourist group on entry to Nagaland will ensure that they are accompanied by a Liaison Officer/Tourist Guide approved by the Department of Tourism, Government of Nagaland. Travel Agents/Tour Operators/Individuals etc. arranging for the travel of foreign tourists, can contact the Tourism Department.

Superintendent of Police
Dimapur, Nagaland