'All hostages must be brought back home', say families of hostages who appeared on video in Hamas custody

IANS Photo

IANS Photo

TEL AVIV, OCTOBER 31 (IANS): The families of the hostages Yelena, Daniel and Rimon, who appeared in the video Hamas released, called upon the government of Israel to bring all hostages back home.

"All the hostages must be brought home now. We ask the Prime Minister and Defence Minister to act now to end this terrible disaster."

In a statement to the media on Monday evening, the family representatives of the hostages responded to the Hamas video release.

Ramos Aloni, Daniel Aloni's father, said, "It is a great relief that she is alive. Until today we had no confirmed details about her and we want so much to hug her and her sister, Sharon, and the three-year-old twins, Emma and Yuli. In our family, only four of ten remain. I ask and demand that the Red Cross not stand on the sidelines, but take initiative and demand to see all our hostages."

He adds, "I appeal to Qatar, Egypt and other countries with the power to end this, to act now. To hold children and women and elderly, and in general, to hold hostages is a crime against humanity. We are embraced by friends and the whole Israeli society and it is so moving."

Ramos further added, "I thank everyone and ask them not to leave us alone. Your support is important to us."

He adds, "I want to say to Daniel and Sharon: We see you, we hear you, we love you! We think about you every second and we will bring you back."

Avital Kirsht, mother of Rimon, who appears in the video, said, "I'm worried. Rimon was without glasses, for 24 days she hasn't been able to see. Urgent medical aid must be delivered, bring them basic necessities immediately."

She adds, "I don't believe there is one person in Qatar or the world who thinks civilians should be held underground."

“We ask the Israel Prime Minister and Defence Minister to act now to end this terrible disaster, and to the people of Israel I say: Do not abandon us.”