Allegations or counter allegations cannot bring back the dead

Who killed? Which weapon was used? Was it a sophisticated one or an old spear? How many bullets were fired? Was it accidental or intentional? Which faction was involved? No answers to such questions can bring back the dead to life again. We have lost the precious lives of Pte. Zarikho of Sakraba, Pte. Krosoto of Ketsapo and Pte. Kuzoyi of Phek – and what have the killers achieved? “Kill, if killing has ever been a solution to any problem, anywhere in the World, since times immemorial. If not, drop your guns, and just move ahead on the path of peace and understanding, the only path which can lead you to blissful happiness and salvation.”

Having met so many GBs, old men and women, youth and the children of our beautiful State, I come to this simple conclusion that violence is despised in Nagaland, just as it is despised in any peace-loving State of the World. And this is quite evident from the directives issued by the public from time to time, to violent people and people abetting violence in various parts of the State.

It is absolutely ridiculous as to how can killing or bloodshed bring about peace, harmony, brotherhood, tranquility or a solution. No visionary leader of any organization, more importantly, in our State Nagaland, would ever approve of violence. It is just that a few misguided elements with purely vested interests become violent, extort, kidnap and kill in the name of their leadership. Such unscrupulous elements bring a bad name to a village, community, society, organization, state, our Nation and humanity, at large. The voice of our forefathers, visionaries and God is universal, “Give up this violent approach and experience an omni-present environment of happiness, smiles and prosperity. God has made us, to love each other and not to kill each other.”

Governments and Armies exist to provide a platform to the masses to enable them to reach the zenith of success and glory, but the thirst and the ambition to be there, right at the top, has to be within each and every Naga man and woman. So let’s call it a day, as far as killings, violence and hatred is concerned, and unite to give strength to each and every one of us, specially the weak, who succumb to the evil pressures so easily, and strike disastrous blows on the peace-loving, vibrant and beautiful Naga people.

If anyone feels otherwise, do pen down your views and reach me through these columns – if not, then let us put-in our bit, to place Nagaland in its rightful place – THE TOP.

Lt Col Nirupam Bhargava
Public Relations Officer (Ministry of Defence)