Aloh responds to Wangyuh Konyak

This press release is being issued in response to a statement issued by Wangyuh Konyak which appeared in sections of the local media on 20th June, 2009. Wangyuh’s lengthy statement expresses his sudden concern for the Tizit area and he has surprisingly compared the Tizit scenario with that of Arunachal Pradesh and Assam. He is talking as if he is not at all aware of the situation and that he has never been involved in the development of the State in general and Mon district in particular. Perhaps, Wangyuh needs to be reminded that he was a former MLA for several terms, a former Cabinet Minister in the State and a former Member of Parliament in the Lok Sabha. He is perhaps only expressing his concern to cover up for his failures and the people’s rejection of his leadership. It is pertinent to question what he achieved as an MLA, a minister and as an MP. Where did he spend the crores and crores of funds which were at his disposal for the development of Nagaland, Mon district and the constituency which he has represented? Earlier he represented Tehok constituency but under his leadership, Tehok enver witnessed any semblance of development. As an MLA, Minister and MP, it was his responsibility to bring development to the people but he was not only a total failure but also an embarrassment to the people of Nagaland in the eyes of the whole country. His past actions, his lack of initiative, his misuse of development funds and his embarrassing character in Delhi were some of the many reasons why he was totally rejected by the people in the bye-election. Merely issuing a lengthy press release expressing sudden concern will not convince the people that he is a leader who works for the masses. In fact, Mr. Wangyuh has been given enough opportunities by the people, however it is indeed most unfortunate that he has failed the trust and confidence of the people time and again. He has also pointed his fingers at several people and organizations for his defeat but everybody can understand that it is only a case of sour grapes of his humiliating defeat. Let him be reminded that a statement with his photograph will not undo his failures of the past decades. He would have done well to bring development to his people instead of purchasing tea gardens, foreign cars and properties with his accumulated riches. Everybody knows that he purchased Ford Endevour cars, tea estates and lavish properties after selling his vote in Parliament during the vote of confidence. Now he has no morale right to speak of development or for that matter on any subject concerning the Nagas. The people have no respect for him anymore. The Wangyuh chapter is closed.

Aloh Wangam
MLA 41-Tizit A/C