An Appeal to Mothers of Nagaland

Dear Beloved Mothers of Nagaland, Peace be upon you!

In your “Mother’s Care”, The Christian Reformation Ministry of Nagaland and The Youth Life Moulding Centre, based in Dimapur, would like to sincerely express our patriotic feelings for your responsive attention and charitable ethical support.

The Reformation Ministry of Nagaland powerfully believes that prayers can make the impossibility into a possibility. With Mother’s moral and spiritual support, the children of Nagaland can make our Homeland into a terrestrial of gold and silver. Therefore, every Naga Mothers are encouraged to be confident and to be bold enough to stand against the injustice and to have the strong untiring effort to stand against the unscrupulous leaders/rulers so that the younger generation of her soil will be able to learn and practice the art of righteous living as being taught by a mother.

It will be because of our dear Mother’s Tender Love and Care that the sons and daughters of the soil can move forward towards the developed world and learn the secrets of Success through leaning against the wall of ‘Peace and Prosperity’. And it will be through our Mother’s enthusiastic approach towards perfection that can make the younger generations of our Motherland Called “Nagaland”, as a “Showcase” of Success, Men and Women of Substance, Peace, Sovereignty, Love, Humanity, and above all, God Fearing citizens of our Motherland.

Dear Beloved Mothers, your Sons and Daughters love our Motherland and you are very much well aware of the need of the hour and we need ‘Healing’ for the disease of our Motherland. And only the refined womanly touch and the spiritual and untiring effort and comfort of Mothers is the need of the hour.

Dear Beloved Mothers, the Bible clearly tells the story of those women who had been barren brought forth their noblest children: Sarah was barren until ninety years of age, bore Isaac; Rachel’s cutting cry ‘Give me child or I die’ was answered and bore Joseph who delivered the Nation; Manoah’s Wife also bore Samson, another who delivered the Nation; Hannah, a smitten soul and after sobbing in the sanctuary and vowing vows and continuing prayer, bore Samuel who became the prophet of Israel; the barren and widowed Ruth found mercy and bore Obed, who begot Jesse, the father of David, of whose line came our Saviour Jesus Christ; of Elizabeth, came John the Baptist, of whom Jesus said there was no greater Prophet born of women.

Come! Dear Respected Mothers, identify that the Reformation Ministry of Nagaland and The Youth Life Moulding Ministry is your child. Let us thank God and glorify God, for your Child RMN is in existence to work and fight for a “Free, Fair, Peaceful and Cheerful Nagaland”. The RMN workers (Gideon’s Soldiers) are born of Mother’s womb by the will of the Almighty God for the cause of a ‘Reformed Nagaland’, our Motherland. Mother’s moral and heart of hearts support will eventually lead Reformation Ministry of Nagaland into a stronghold pillar of Justice, Peace, Harmony, Humanity and a Paradise to the whole world one day.

Napoleon once said: “Give me a good Mother and I will give you a good Nation.”
God Bless Our Mothers! Our Motherland!

In the Service of God and Humanity
Reformation Ministry of Nagaland (RMN)
& Youth Life Moulding Centre Based: Dimapur