An experience to last a lifetime

Dr Aola Imcha

These past few years have really opened up the window to the world for me and changed my perspective on life. The experiences and challenges that I have faced have advanced my goals and dreams and that is one of the reasons that made me come back home. No matter in which part of the world you are, truly, there is no place like home.

Fortunately, I had an opportunity to attend the 100 years celebration of our Baptist Church Changki women Department and I must say it has been a truly magical experience for me. I have learned so much more and have been blessed in so many ways. Going back to my village after years brought back so many childhood memories, the narrow roads, the beautiful scenery, the water falls, basking under the sun, everything seemed so vivid in my mind but what really touched me most, was the simplicity of our people, our rich culture and the hospitability of our people. Now, I can understand more clearly from where I am coming from, my roots, my traditions, and my responsibilities to my people back home. I never had the opportunity as a child, and never took the opportunity as an adult - until now - to learn more about my people, its history, cultures, and ethics. I can only now appreciate my past, as well as those who came before me. I can only now truly appreciate our traditions and cultures. 

I have gained so many important and significant learning but the most profound for me were the true learning’s of being present and truly authentic. I am grateful to have learned these things because I feel now that I am more satisfied than ever before. I plan to continue seeking knowledge, studying it, considering it, and growing older with it. This is definitely a life changing experience for me. I feel Alive, totally open too all the possibilities that this wonderful life and place has to offer me. It is important to realize the power of your own consciousness. You are creating your experience of reality every day.  Your tools of creation are your beliefs, thoughts, words, images, and actions. Most of us are unconsciously creating an experience we do not like, unaware of the spiritual power inherent within us.  Without the knowledge of our creative power or an awareness of our thoughts, we feel powerless to change the circumstances in our lives.  As you change your perspective, you will experience life in a new and more positive way.

I have learned that one of the first and most important ways in which our positive thoughts differ from other services is that our positive thoughts are designed to change your mind and therefore changing your life.  In life, we need to have a good knowledge of the rules that apply and to use this knowledge continuously in order to assess and make decisions in every situation that we face.

I have been fortunate enough to have reached this far in life and experience what Life has to offer me best. My exposure to the outside world has given me an opportunity not to just learn about work, but also about the various cultures of the people around the world, a whole new experience which I never knew before but coming back home and attending this joyful event has planted a seed of love, passion and admiration inside my heart for my people, and has made me appreciate our Changki women more. This inspiring journey has been a mental awakening, a better guide in life; it has filled me with humility, inspiration and a great sense of pride.

I have also realized the importance of learning and that there should not be a stop to learning and acquiring more knowledge.  Everyone has to learn, experience new things and also acquire and gain knowledge and learn from each other. However, one should also be able to learn and understand the worth of being able to offer one’s knowledge and experience. It is about collaborating, helping each other and most importantly sharing your experiences. There are plans and goals that I have just like any other person. Coming back home has been a golden opportunity for me to be able to share a platform with my own  people, experience, learn and interact with people from different walks of life and learn from their experiences and share mine.

Lastly, I would like to thank all the Changki women for making this joyful event a memorable one for me. Being able to witness such a rare occasion was an overwhelming experience and has touched my heart deeply and I am sure it was for everyone who was present there. Today, I am so proud to be born as a Changki girl and I know for sure that this beautiful, magical, once in a life time experience will remain in my heart forever. “Changkilari tamang tangko sam tang pelaro”.

(To all the Changki women “ Thank you” )