An eyewitness account of 28th Feb incident in NU

On the fateful afternoon of 28th of Feb 2006, I was passing through the NU office, Kohima. There I had the chance to witness a big crowd of agitated students and teachers nearby NU office. In an inquiry I was told that a group of NU teachers and students gheraoed the Vice Chancellor in his office chamber. Being curious I entered into the office. And I saw the boys thumping on the door and table threatening the officer under the influence of alcohol.

After about three hours he (the VC) fell prey to the agitated people and gave his signature in a resignation letter-which was already prepared by them- under duress. Thereafter, the students had arranged a taxi just to get away the VC from the office- to his official residence- denying him even to sit in his official vehicle.

It was absolutely an astounding act of immaturity and tantamount to terror! Is it proper for the University’s teachers and students to force the VC to vacate his seat? Can it be approved as an activity of intellectual person? Are the teachers and the students good enough in their duties? Is this morally and intellectually justifiable to treat a Chief Executive in such a manner? Is the NU a sole property of the NUTA and the present PG students? How about your younger thousand students appearing various undergraduate  examinations?

Remember, your senior PG students too are desperately waiting for their results, in order to further their own agenda the university teachers use the students as their tools.

As a parent I am shedding my tears against the mistreatment given by the teachers and students to the highest learning institution. I do not give a clean chit to Prof. G.D. Sharma and his team of officials for the allegation leveled against him till a competent authority certifies their involvement. But they deserve fair judgement in the manner applicable under the modern procedures. I therefore appeal to all concerned to keep the destructive elements at an arm’s length for the improvement of our University.

Mr. Ochizülu
P.R. Hill Kohima