An open letter to Timothy Kaping

Imak, in Wung Region you know far better than I, that we have a small species of bird called “Chaklen”. It is the belief of our ancestors that when it chirps intermittently it is indicative of a good omen. However, when its chirping becomes constant it is to be considered a harbinger of calamity.

In the present context when we indulge in a rhetorical diatribe it is the equivalent to continual chirping. We are never going to agree with each other of that I am quite certain. However, there is no need to offer insults to our elders regardless of which nation they may belong to. I have broad enough shoulders for any personal attack, be that verbal abuse or character assassination.

It would seem that you have a good deal of time on your hands to indulge yourself in the defence of the NSCN-Muivah faction. It would have been better if you could counter my words with hard facts but you cannot because still till today 301 innocent souls of Thingniungan are crying out in the land of the dead. God alone only knows the unquenchable grief that hangs like a cloud over the hearts of their loved ones. My background is known to one and all in Nagaland and I make no secret of the fact that over twenty years ago I was a member of the criminal fraternity of southeast London. When all is said and done you can only resort to calling me an “Indian agent” because I will not agree to your point of view. Rather it is you and your leaders who have taken their sovereign passports to travel the globe at our Naga people’s expense. You cannot substantiate anything about opium before our people and Almighty God because I am very much against this despicable practice. Yes in other respects I may be a sinner and have hidden nothing from our people, but I am not a traitor, a tyrant or a terrorist. 

What sweet fruits have you and the NSCN-M brought to quench the thirst of the Naga people till today? Ten years of time-pass staying in the Delhi military cantonment and now your bluff has been called because even they know that you have no more than a pittance in terms of political mandate. So what now, the cadres of the NSCN-M have become the 13th IRP battalion and continue their mindless civil war? Do you think that people internationally have not come to know about the war crimes that have been perpetrated against the innocents in Nagaland? Should we keep quiet about them? Are human rights to be applied selectively when we feel like it or are they here and now whether we like it or not? Any sensible person knows the answer to that.

When we resort to rumour mongering and idle gossip it means we have nothing left of any substance to say. In life you will find that we have to substantiate, corroborate and authenticate what we say if we wish to be taken seriously. Otherwise it is merely the persistence of the Chaklen’s chirping and indicative of a disturbed and distracted mind.

Yours sincerely in the Vigil

David P. Ward
Naga Vigil H.R.G.
Tel: 00 44 797 406 9378

Tangkhul Proverb:

“phaa kikacha naw, hankha eiina saakhui” “for a wise person, one word is sufficient”