Another Season of Love

Vishii Rita Krocha

Another month has dawned with hopes of drawing many hearts together. The very beginning itself brings feelings of warmth.It’s another season that will not go wasted because everyone’s already charmed by December. We are here again. The last month of the year. In some ways, the most special of them all. To create memories again, to remember what the year has been. Yes, but above all, Christmas makes it sound the very best reason to be happy.

It’s that time we go hunting for greeting cards, trying to choose the very best for those we love, getting lost in the varieties that archies and hallmark bring. We step out to see the streets and it all seems lighted up. Christmas trees and beautiful stuffs. You feel there couldn’t be more joy like the one this season brings. I simply want to smile this whole season through. Childrens seem merrier than ever. While the whole youth is going out to dig out great plans. Ages apart or places apart, the season of love has smitten everyone.

We have never tired of singing carols. As old as they may get, they still lure our minds. Too merged in the music of old, still feeling glad there is something like it to sing along. It’s another time we want to be home with our dear ones. Even just to sit around the fire and share.We echo the same old good wishes of goodwill, peace, love and joy. They have never lost their meanings and they never will. We exchange gifts and go about being merry all the time. There are colours of happiness shinning everywhere. Hearts are so much lighter or at least it seems so. We are at the heart of the year.

What if this could last the whole year through? What if we could spread goodness every passing day? Christmas will be here and gone sometime soon. So, do we celebrate it and forget it? Leave whatever good is there with the fading of the season and go on? The gifts of this season are rich and worth keeping. The wishes are true and sincere, loving and close to the heart. Its significance is the greatest reason we live.

The real Big day could last only a day. But we have started feeling the festive spirit long before that. And we could carry its richness forward. We could celebrate Christmas everyday. In a gentle way. Feeling it and giving away some goodwill everyday, sharing a little of love, peace and joy every moment. Contentment to add to our days. That has been wished over and over again. Take them forward and be blessed not only when the season of love lasts but long after it’s gone.